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Going Grey: 2015's Paint Color Trends

Rachel Williams

Don't repaint those walls just yet! While gray may have topped the color charts for all of 2014, according to the experts, it is here to stay for another year...

Home Interiors: Gray is Here to Stay


When we say "remodel", is your initial instinct to steer clear and leave someone else to the big decision making? From choosing a reliable painting contractor, to picking out fabrics, color schemes and more, remodeling often feels like more of a burden than a blessing in this DIY-crazed world. 


According to one of the paint industry's leading researchers, Paint Quality Issue (PQI), if color-coordinating is not your forte - stick to gray. PQI predicts the color will top the interior design charts for yet another year. 


Founded in 1989, PQI is an organization dedicated to educating consumers, contractors and retailers across the globe. They focus on spreading the word when it comes to innovative trends and high-quality products in the world of paints and coatings.


Sleek or Subtle?


Gray, a color often associated with intellect or neutrality, opens a home or business up to a wide variety of interior decor options. Neither black nor white, when choosing San Diego house painting colors, the tones of your gray paint and the colors selected to complement your grays will have a big impact on the overall feel of your space.


Shades of Gray


Grays can appear silver, black or even blue, depending on the hue selected and the accents used to complement them. If the desired effect of your space is warmth and adventure, work with your San Diego painting contractor to select grays with traces of yellow, red or brown. Grays with hints of silver or white may take on a more delicate look or come across as sophisticated.


Complementary Colors


Ultimately, the companion colors selected for grays should fit in with the way a space is intended to be used. Pairing gray with colors like beige and off-white will result in a more relaxed atmosphere. Blues and greens evoke a more relaxing or cold environment. 


As is the case with most interior remodels or repaints, know the purpose of your space and the desired outcome before you start your project. Talk with your residential or commercial painting contractor, or local paint manufacturer for paint color selection services. 


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