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5 Easy Tips for Exterior Painting this Spring

Brad Stoner

Are you preparing to spruce up your home’s exterior this spring? Or, are you contemplating placing your home on the market? No matter what the motive, a fresh coat of paint can instantly bring back the overall look of your greatest investment, your home.  

When it comes to exterior painting, many people opt for repainting using the similar colors that already exist on the home. But choosing a new color scheme can be exciting and provide a new and updated look. In addition,refreshing your home with a new paint job is one of the most cost effective projects that adds value and long lasting charm.  Deciding upon a new color scheme might seem overwhelming at first but these recommendations just might help you through the color choice procedure.

#1 Look at the architecture of the home.  Some architectural styles, such as Victorian, lend themselves to elaborate four and even five color schemes. Others, like Georgian or Colonial styles, are better suited to two or 3 colors. Usually this contains a main body color and one or two accent colors for trim, shutters, and doors.

#2 Note the material of construction.  If your home is made of brick, wood, aluminum siding or masonry you can paint it practically any color. However if it has vinyl siding, it might be best to paint it a similar hue to the original, although newer paints on the market have been formulated to allow for a wider selection on this surface.

3.Take into account fixed colors.  Take into account the colors on and close to the house that either cannot, or will not, be painted.  This includes the roof color, and wood, masonry, or stone that will be left unpainted.

#4 Consider the surroundingsLook at the hues of neighboring homes and buildings – particularly those that are right next door.You would not want acolor that is exactly the same as that on your neighbor’s home, and conversely, you don’t want to clash with it either.Also, be sure to take into account any plantings that are in your yard or landscaping.

#5. Check for restrictions.  Some newer developments, townhome, condominium communities, and historical districts have limitations on what paint colors or color combinations may be used.To avoid challenges, it’s best to find out about these restrictions before deciding on and applying your new hues.

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