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Apply a Bright-Colored Interior Paint This Season To Spread Holiday Cheer

Brad Stoner

Holidays are a joyful time when we use colorful lights, shiny ornaments, and pretty gift-wrappings to make our surroundings more festive. Why not go a step further this year and celebrate the season with a bright new interior paint job?

Many of us seek to give our home a special feeling at the holidays, so it’s a perfect time to spice things up by adding some color to the walls. From a psychological standpoint, any new paint color will freshen up the interior, but if the color is bright and festive, it can actually help lift the spirits of family and friends who visit.

In keeping with the colors of the season, variations of red and green are obvious choices for interior walls, and psychologically speaking, they work beautifully at the holidays and when they’re over.

Red in all its iterations – from rose to burgundy to rust — is one of the warmest colors, perfect for adding coziness to any part of the home. It also is an appetite enhancer, making red a wonderful option for dining rooms, where holiday entertaining often takes place.

Green has other winning attributes: Studies have shown it to be among the most calming and relaxing colors – a welcome counterpoint to the hectic holidays. At the same time, green calls to mind many of the foods we eat, so – like red — it’s a fine choice for kitchens and dining rooms.

That’s not to say that pre-holiday painting shouldn’t be done in other hues. Today’s top quality interior paints come in hundreds of colors, and you’ll want to apply one that you’ll be happy with when the decorations go back into storage.

If you don’t have enough time to re-paint an entire room before your guests arrive, then think about painting just one or two “accent walls” in a holiday color. Accent walls can be quite chic and often completely transform the entire room. If you fall in love with the color and want to see more of it, you can always paint the other walls later on.

While it’s true that interior painting isn’t free, the cost is something of a “gift” when compared to other types of holiday re-decorating, no small consideration when your budget may already be stretched. Do-it-yourselfers can re-paint an entire room for about the cost of a nice new shirt, designer pajamas, or that snowflake sweater you saw at the store.

So, if you’re feeling especially festive this year, consider giving your guests (and yourself) a holiday treat for the eyes: a more colorful home interior!  Call Brad Stoner Painting today to get your house painted this holiday season.

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