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Commercial Painting Color Guide

Rachel Williams

What makes top companies so productive in the workplace? Why do their employees seem to get so much done in a workday while yours complain about feeling tired and uninspired? (Here’s a little hint: It might have something to do with your commercial paint colors.)


Color is a powerful tool. It’s amazing what a simple blue or bright yellow can do to lift or bring down a mood. Does your commercial office space need some help from a San Diego painting contractor? Check out this helpful paint colors guide below before you find a painter and start selecting samples.


We’ve broken things up into five separate color categories: Bright, Cool, Warm, Contrasting and Neutral. Don’t forget to keep your own office in mind as you scan through this paint colors guide!


Bright Colors


Bright colors in the workplace, like yellow and orange, tend to over-stimulate the eyes and can increase stress levels. In fact, studies have shown that babies tend to cry more and performers have meltdowns in rooms painted bright yellow. Still, these bright colors are great at catching attention. If you’re leaving a warning message or important office announcement, bolder and brighter colors work especially well.


Cool Colors


In law offices, public areas and counseling offices, cool colors like sky blue or pale green tend to reduce stress levels. Light colors such as these tend to encourage positive behavior and work well in a number of different office settings.


Warm Colors


What might be considered a warm color? Terracotta reds and rich browns are examples of warm colors and can really brighten up a room and encourage feelings of togetherness among employees. They’ll also do wonders for tired looking office rooms that need that little extra pop!


Contrasting Colors


What are contrasting colors? Also known as complementary colors (something you may remember from that color wheel back in grade school), contrasting colors are directly opposite one another on the color wheel. Painting a room one of these colors and pairing it with its opposite tends to enhance both colors. For example, painting a room yellow and pairing it with bright blue will create a vibrant contrast. These contrasting colors tend to enhance emotion and can make a room feel overly busy and stressful. For many employees in the workplace, walls with too many of these colors can lead to irritability and should be used with caution.


Neutral Colors


Neutral tones consist of grays, whites and browns. Probably the most popular choice for many companies, these painting colors are easiest to match with existing furniture and won’t fade as quickly as other bright colors. If your business deals with accounting or legal topics, you might consider talking to your San Diego area commercial painter about using warmer, neutral tones.


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