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Create Multi-Color Interior Paint Schemes

Brad Stoner

In order to tackle this project, you need to look at your wall surfaces in a whole new light and envision your walls as large, empty canvases that frequently have several components.

As an example, in case there are chair rails space, they produce two separate "canvases"
on every wall (above and under the rail), doubling the area's color potential. Are there half walls? An alcove? A soffit? These as well as other architectural elements present the opportunity to introduce additional colors to the space as well as these surfaces should be taken into account when coming up with a color plan.

Multi-color paint schemes look best whenever a predominant color must be used to support things together. Therefore, you probably should start to build up a color palette by deciding on a hue that you will love since it's the room's anchor color.

The subsequent two steps are to ascertain the paint colors you'll use to complement or contrast using your anchor color, after which decide where the various colors will likely be used.

If this is the initial foray into the concept of multi-color paint schemes, its cognizant of trust the judgment of professional colorists who create paint palettes for a job. Nearly every paint manufacturer offers free brochures showing professionally created, carefully coordinated color palettes composed of several hues which go together beautifully. Choose a palette of harmonious tints and shades which include your anchor color and you also won't go wrong.

To determine which color goes where, you can proceed in one of three ways:

You can simply cut apart color cards and tape large samples to the walls. With this, be sure to place the cards close together where one color will be next to another, and examine everything in both daylight and under artificial light through the night (different lighting conditions can modify colors dramatically). Experiment until you're pleased with the color scheme plan.

Another way to pre-plan a multi-color paint scheme would be to rely on a color visualizer, which may be available either at the paint store or around the paint manufacturer's website. By using this special software, you'll be able to nimbly move colors every now and then with just a few keystrokes unless you get things exactly how you desire them.

A third approach to developing a multi-color paint scheme would be to purchase small examples of paint, and brush color swatches right onto the walls. This takes a bit more effort, but it will make your choice-making virtually foolproof.

Whichever method you have to produce your color plan, make sure that your anchor color could be the predominant hue, using perhaps 40% in the total wall surfaces. An extra color must take up roughly 25% in the wall surfaces, and then any other colors you have should be limited to smaller places that they'll serve as accents.

By using these pointers, you're on your way to your multi-color paint project and turning your living space into something very special.  If you would like to delegate this responsibility to a professional call Brad Stoner Painting at 888-357-5334

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