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Decoding Commercial Paint Colors

Rachel Williams

If you've ever wondered why hospitals seem to repaint in blue or your favorite fast food restaurant advertises with bright red and yellow, your local residential and commercial house painting companies just might have the answer.


There is a whole psychology behind the color of paint. When it comes time for your company to repaint, your walls should reflect the mood you want to see in the workplace and consider both customers and employees. Hospitals tend to stick with cool blues and greens when painting because these colors calm hospital patrons, much like the colors yellow and red often increase appetites. 


How can your business hack this confusing color code?


We've talked about visual ergonomics (the science of selecting colors based on surrounding environments) and even started to analyze what boosts office productivity. This time we’re delving a little deeper into commercial paint color analysis – making your next San Diego paint project a whole lot easier. Check out our color cheat sheet below:



This dark color tends to represent authority and power. It is often considered a timeless classic in the fashion world but can easily be associated with overpowering evil. We wouldn't suggest using this color on your office walls, but it tends to work well as a furniture accent color. 



Often associated with tranquil seas and skies, blue is a commercial paint color typically used on the walls of law firms or medical facilities to invoke feelings of serenity. Blue is one of the most popular paint colors and is often associated with loyalty (a plus most businesses won’t complain about). In lighter hues, blue can make a San Diego commercial painting job feel more spacious. When darker hues are used, a room tends to feel more dramatic or energized.



Whether a conscious choice or not, your office probably contains more brown than you’d think. Typically found in wood or leather, the color brown is a very earthy hue. Many commercial paint jobs use light brown to signify genuineness, warmth and provide a more neutral backdrop.



Looking to reduce eye strain in the workplace? If you or your employees are constantly on the computer, incorporating a paint color like green just might do the trick in your office. San Diego area commercial painters tend to use green in more tranquil environments as this color is very symbolic of the natural.

Lighter greens can make businesses feel more open and harmonious, while other shades of green invoke feelings of relaxation.



Ever considered orange in the office? While orange might not be the first color that popped into your head when you started your search for San Diego painting, it’s certainly worth some consideration. Known for increasing confidence levels and even laughter, this color works well on accent walls. Go bold or go home!



While typically viewed as effeminate, many people have been successful creating more casual and stress-free environments with the paint color pink. Around Valentine’s Day this color tends to creep into more and more businesses due to its close association with love and comfort. Why not let it stick around all year?



The perfect blend of red and blue, purple is a popular paint color choice among teen girls everywhere. But did you know this popular color can rejuvenate the walls of businesses as well? (After all, purple has been associated with royalty for generations.)


Purple is known to encourage a deeper understanding of the spiritual and emotional. When used in paler shades, purple can really expand a small space - leaving customers and employees alike feeling calmer and less stressed. (Beware of too much saturation though as your space may start feeling gloomy!)



Known for its tendency to over-stimulate the brain, the color red has become a popular accent color in both residential and commercial house painting. As we mentioned earlier, this bright color is also a favorite among restaurants for its reputation as an appetite enhancer. Warmer red hues tend to work best as they leave rooms feeling warm and inviting. 


Just don’t overuse this powerful color! Too much bright red increases agitation and excitement.



White tends to be the most popular color for commercial offices because this non-threatening color is the easiest to match. In some hues, white can create warm feelings, but it is often seen as sterile, clean and overly dreary. If you’re choosing white for your next commercial project, consider spicing up your workplace with an accent wall or two!



From bright sunrises to those paler hues, yellow is certainly one paint color to watch out for. While you might be tempted to use yellow because of its tendency to boost optimism and concentration, yellow is also known to incite outbursts. Babies have been shown to cry more in yellow rooms that any other color – possibly because this color is one of the most overpowering to the human eye.


Still, despite its sometimes negative rap, when used in golden tones this color can create warm and positive feelings. In office spaces, using yellow undertones might just give your space that perfect amount of sunshine!


Have you hacked your perfect office color code yet? If you're still looking for inspiration, check out Pinterest boards like these for the season's latest painting trends! 


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