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Difference Between Hiring a Painter and a Painting Company

Brad Stoner

There is a graphic aid used in project management that goes by the street name of "The Iron Triangle." It's an isosceles triangle, and at each point is a word: good, fast, cheap. Here's the rule: You can only pick two. You can paint your house fast and cheap, but you'll be doing it again in five years.

We are often asked, in so many words, "Why should I hire you? I know a guy who's girlfriend's cousin likes to paint houses, and he's way cheaper."

Now, we're human. We're tempted to bulldoze into the conversation and fire off pointed questions at point-blank range. "Does this guy have 30-plus years of commercial and residential painting experience? Is he licensed? Is he insured? Does he know when to use enamel instead of polyurethane? Will he tear ruts in your yard with his truck? Does he have the equipment to clean and paint vinyl siding on the gabled end of a two-story bungalow?"

We usually leave these questions in our holsters. We prefer to let our work speak for itself. But if you're curious, here are our top three reasons to hire a reputable painting company over your acquaintance's girlfriend's cousin.

1. You are guaranteed consistent quality with a painting company.
When you hire a "painter," you are dependent upon the expertise of one person. Here at Brad Stoner Painting, we employ 26 painting professionals. That's centuries' worth of professional experience.

2. You are promised a safe, healthy work environment with a painting company.
Old paint may contain lead. Some new paint off-gases volatile organic compounds. Work ladders and paint sprayers are dangerous in the wrong hands (and feet). We are an insured, licensed and lead-certified company with the equipment and knowledge to protect both you and our employees from chemical hazards and mechanical dangers.

3. You can complain to a painting company.
Hmmm ... that's probably not the best wording. What we're trying to say is, "You can trust a painting company." You sign the contract; we sign the same contract. If something goes wrong, you retain legal power, and we will address your concerns.

Let's return to that Iron Triangle: good, fast, cheap. We at Brad Stoner Painting picked our two favorites (and we're working on the third). Can you guess what they are?

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