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Don’t Wait to Weatherproof With San Diego Painting

Rachel Williams

Why weatherproof when the sun is shining and San Diego hardly receives more than 12 inches of rain a year? While harsher climates certainly take more of a toll on landscaping, roofing and the exterior paint on our buildings, it's still possible to wait too long to paint.  


How long is too long to wait on San Diego painting?

San Diego paint is more than another pretty color on the wall. Unfortunately for many homeowners, it's easy to forget that paint's primary function lies in preserving, protecting and weatherproofing homes and other materials. When we continue to postpone calling a painting contractor in San Diego we not only risk damaging our properties, but also risk the added cost of repairs.


If your home is a tract home... you may need to repaint sooner than you'd think. While most paint jobs will last you 5-7 years, many tract homes are only painted with a single coat that isn't designed to last. If you have purchased one of these new homes, it may be worth the extra cost to protect your investment and hire a residential or commercial painter to repaint your property sooner than later. 

If your building is made of stucco... you may want to repaint to save on ac and heating costs. Stucco is a wonderful insulator. Like all surfaces, though, it won't stay flawless forever. Repainting your stucco will not only leave your exterior looking fresh, it will help to maintain the insulating power of your stucco - keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. What better way to weatherproof your property?

If the wood or siding on your property has started to expand and contract... you may need to add a fresh coat of paint. When drastic temperature changes occur, whether cold or hot, the wood paneling or siding on our homes, office buildings and shopping centers often reacts by expanding, shrinking or both. When this occurs paint tends to chip, crack and fall away - exposing house paint to possible wood rot and other problems. 


If your property lacks the proper insulation and exterior caulking... you may be opening yourself up to high heating or cooling bills. The insulation and caulking used on the exterior of our homes and buildings can prevent outside air from seeping in (and seeping out!). By asking your San Diego painting contractor to reexamine your property's exterior, you might spend a little more now, but in the long run you'll ultimately save money.


As summer starts to cool down and fall settles upon us, now is the ideal time to weatherproof homes and buildings. Call Brad Stoner Painting today for your free estimate!

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