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Eco-Friendly Painting: Look No Further!

Rachel Williams

Since 1986, we've been painting San Diego homes and painting commercial properties with all sorts of colors. From reds and blues to neon hues... it's tough to surprise us at this point.

Today is a little different. We want to talk about painting the town "green". 

Painting the Town "Green"

"Green?" you ask. Why yes! "Green" (a.k.a. economically friendly) painting options are everywhere in our sustainably-focused world.

Painting itself is green by nature. It helps to protect buildings from:

- Sun Damage 

- Rot

- Insects

As technology improves, so does the quality and durability of Zero VOC and Low Odor paint. By using the highest quality materials and products with a low environmental impact, sustainably-conscious companies help to:


- Reduce Project Waste. When a higher quality of paint is used, repainting is required less often and fewer coats are needed. 

- Reduce Harmful Emissions. Whenever emissions are released into the air, a potentially hazardous environment is created.


Talk with your contractors before a project starts to inquire about sustainable practices. When it comes to paint, ask about using more eco-friendly products for house painting or an indoor office repainting project. 

Creating a "Sustainable" Culture

What makes a company culture more sustainable? One of the things we at Brad Stoner Painting focus on is creating a culture that gives back.

Community responsibility plays a huge role in sustainability. Just look up the definition of "sustainable development" and you'll learn that it has a positive social impact on individuals and the community!

Our company, as well as many others, donates time and resources to support local charities. We love to breathe life back into local community centers and centers for change in San Diego. We also want our customers to feel good about where their money is going and how that money impacts the city they live within.

Below are just a few photos from projects we've contributed to in the past few years!






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