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Five Reasons to Repaint Your Home’s Exterior

Rachel Williams

Exterior paint job got you down? There are a number of different reasons to repaint your home. From climate to color, these are the top five reasons to give your home a fresh coat of paint. 



#1: Your current paint is cracking or peeling away.


Whether it’s been quite a few years, or your last house painting job wasn’t quite up-to-par, you know you need a fresh coat when your paint starts to wear away. Cracking, peeling and bubbling are all signs that your property needs help from a professional residential painter as soon as possible.


#2: It’s been over five years since you’ve repainted.


Most paint jobs require a fresh coat every five years. If it’s been at least that long, it’s a safe bet your home could use a little facelift. As a professional San Diego exterior painting company, we recommend using premium paint to ensure the longest paint life possible. Most people hesitate to spend a little extra on quality paint the first time around, but in the end, choosing higher quality paint will save you money by elongating the life of your residential paint job.


It’s also important to consider color. Dark colors fade faster and need more frequent repainting to retain their luster. If your budget is small and you’re already looking for the cheapest exterior painters in San Diego, you might also want to consider choosing a lighter paint color that won’t fade with summer’s UV rays.


#3: Your tastes have changed.


Way back when it might have been “hip” to paint your home that sunshine yellow, but if you’re starting to regret your old paint color choice it might be time to repaint.


Whether you’re doing a complete renovation or simply can’t resist those San Diego exterior paint trends, it’s never a bad time to repaint.


#4: You risk damaging your home if you procrastinate.


Don’t wait to paint. You might think you’ll save money by procrastinating on that San Diego exterior home painting project, but it doesn’t take much for exposed wood to fall apart due to harsh conditions outdoors.

Exterior surfaces are the most prone to drying, cracking and rotting away. From sand to sun to rain, homes face the outdoors on a daily basis. While a fresh coat of paint might seem like a hefty expense, waiting until further wood and stucco damage set in will cost you much more.


#5: Tis the season for painting.


Heavy rain, wind and extreme temperatures make painting a hassle and affect the life of your paint job. By choosing a more temperate season or month of the year to paint, your latex paint will create the most durable, protective finish possible. Here in sunny San Diego we’re blessed with temperate weather year round, but steering clear of those occasional rainy days or extreme heat should still be a consideration.


Can you relate to any of these five reasons? Whether you can check off one or all five, it just might be time to paint! Brad Stoner Painting is a professional San Diego painting company that offers house painting services to residential and commercial properties alike. Call us today at 888-614-2415 for your free estimate!


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