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Exterior House Painting: Why Weatherproof Your Home?

Rachel Williams

Can a simple San Diego paint job prolong the life of your home? If it were that easy, wouldn't we all be doing it?



Most people don’t realize that paint offers much more than a nice-looking exterior or a fresh coat of color. Paint protects our homes, furniture and more from the damaging effects of the sun and other natural elements. Unlike other possessions, houses are exposed to weather 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. What happens to a home that isn't painted, patched or protected? When homeowners neglect to repaint and care for their homes, they just might start to see that…


#1: Exposed Wood Starts to Rot


Wood doesn’t last forever. With proper care though, it can last the rest of your lifetime.


Harsh rain, wind or even snow causes paint to deteriorate and wear off over time. Be careful to watch for exposed wood on the outside of your home and have it repainted immediately. Applying paint to wood is a lot like wearing a thick jacket or raincoat. It adds an extra layer of protection against basic, everyday elements. (After all, it’s sometimes the daily wear and tear that harms homes the most.)


#2: Stucco Begins to Crack


Like any cement-based product, stucco is bound to crack and chip over time. Don’t wait to repair stucco damage! Holes and cracks gone unfixed for an extended period of time only cause extra problems and heftier expenses.


Depending on the size of cracks and chips, wind direction and amount of rain, your property may be more at risk for damage from cracked stucco. Under certain conditions, cracks in stucco become moisture intrusion points, compromising the weather-resistance of home exteriors. Whether your stucco is painted or not, it’s important to repair stucco damage before it gets worse and harms the value of your property.


#3: Exterior Paint Fades with Extreme Heat


While a little extra sun this weekend might mean you can squeeze in one more beach day, your home probably won’t feel as lucky. Ultra violet resistant paint is on the rise as more and more people have realized the damaging effects of UV rays on the binder in exterior paint. What is binder? Binder is the component that holds a paint’s pigment particles together. When binder starts to break down it releases pigment in the form of a power or chalk, pigment that can then be easily washed or wiped away.


#4: Mildew Grows Underneath Moist Paint


The only thing worse than bubbling paint is bubbling paint lined with mildew. Rain, ice, high humidity and snow can be hazardous for house paint. Is your paint softening, swelling or blistering? Mildew thrives in moist conditions.


Allowing plenty of sunlight and air circulation to reach the outside walls of your home, as well as keeping as many shrubs and plants away from your residential painting as possible, will help to prevent the growth of mildew.


#5: Paint Cracks & Peels with Extreme Temperatures


One of the most common problems a San Diego painting company runs into is the cracking and peeling of paint. If left unattended, these problems will not only detract from the beauty of your home but cause permanent damage to a home’s exterior.


How does temperature affect your exterior paint job? When temperatures fluctuate, wood and other surfaces often expand and contract. If this happens often or severely enough, paint will crack and start to deteriorate.


Protect Your Property with San Diego Exterior Home Painting


San Diego exterior painting can sometimes feel like a hefty expense, but when you consider the money you’ll save by protecting your home from rotting, cracking and more, it’s certainly worth the upfront cost.


Call Brad Stoner Painting today for your free exterior painting estimate!

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