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Exterior Painting: A Good Idea to Paint Brick?

Brad Stoner

Brick has a natural and stately appearance that implies a look that has stood the test of time. Reminiscent of colonial housing that has stood for hundreds of years, there is an air of permanence about it.


However, just like any other material that is exposed to the elements, brick can become run down also. Exterior painting could be an economical way to solve this problem.

As time goes by, bricks can lose their charming uniformity and begin to look worn, especially in areas where the air is moist or there is sea spray. In fact, a coat of paint could end up protecting the structural integrity from hard rain and hail. A well selected and applied coat of paint can save you from having to deal with eroded bricks.

However, be careful when making your decision as applying exterior painting to brick will prevent it from ever being its natural color again. While you can always paint over the color with another one, it will never have the traditional “brick look” again. Additionally it requires careful planning and a professional hand to make sure that it remains maintenance free and retains its attractiveness long term. Here are some considerations to take in preparation for your big paint job.

1. Prep Your Exterior Brick for Painting

Never paint new brick. If your house was just built, you want to wait a full year to allow the brick to fully dry and settle. Also make sure that the brick is thoroughly cleaned and allowed 24 hours to dry before you apply the paint or water repellant. You also want to make sure that you neutralize any mold that may have started to grow.

*Note* Never use acid to clean the brick as it can break down its structure and result in the paint chipping. The best way to clean your house in preparation for painting is through pressure washing.  

2. Choose the Right Kind of Brick Paint

When tackling an exterior brick painting job it is important that you choose a paint that is able to breathe. Masonry paint products are the best choice for brick that comes in frequent contact with the elements. 

3. Have a Finish

Brick can look especially stunning with a slight glossy finish. It allows the brick’s details to shine through more than a matte finish. It is also easier to wipe clean should it come in contact with anything that might stain your exterior. It takes much planning and flawless execution to have the brick exterior of your dreams. 

When it comes to painting your brick exterior there is nothing better than the hand of a professional. If you feel that the San Diego weather is going to beat your brick to death, contact Brad Stoner Painting. The company is licensed, bonded, insured, and at your service.

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