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Fall in Love with House Painting (All Over Again)

Rachel Williams

Like all good things, that once-new paint job will eventually reach its end and your home will need a fresh repaint. That's why, whether the result of weather damage or time, you’ve somehow found yourself back at Home Depot or your local painting manufacturer selecting paint samples (and you’re not feeling the love).


You might be thinking to yourself, “This seems all too familiar.”


Planning for painting often feels time consuming or can seem like just another box to check off on that long list of tasks at home. The question in the back of everyone’s mind seems to be: How can I fall in love with painting all over again?


A House Painter’s Best Kept Secrets

With over 27 years in the painting business under our belts, Brad Stoner Painting has had its fair share of lack-luster painting moments. Whether you’re looking into interior or exterior painting, here are a few of our San Diego painting company’s best kept secrets to get you started:


1.  Start small (but never forget the big picture).


Painting can seem overwhelming. With endless color, brand and placement choices, things can easily turn into a yearlong decision-making process.


Our advice to you? Start small. If you’re easily overwhelmed by decisions, keep things simple by starting with a room or two, or the exterior trim outside. Once you’ve made a few small decisions, you’ll be surprised by how easily you’ll be able to make the rest!


2. Don’t let painting contractors get the best of you.


For some homeowners, painting contractors don’t have the best reputation. Whether you’ve heard horror stories from a friend or dealt with an unlicensed painter skipping out on a job, it’s important to remember that no two painting companies in San Diego are the same.


Check out testimonials before you hire a house painting professional and don’t start work without signing a contract first. Most companies offer San Diego house painting estimates free of charge.


3. Let yourself fall in love with color.  


Ah, color. For many do-it-yourselfers, it’s the only reason they choose to repaint and redecorate year after year. If you’re struggling with a lack of painting love, fall in love with color instead. (Who knows where it might take you?)


4. Let someone else do the dirty work.


If all else fails, let someone else make the tough calls for you!


Hire an interior designer or choose from the pre-selected color themes many painting manufacturers put out. Better yet, find a design-savvy friend or family member to help you out! While it’s important to choose colors you’ll appreciate for the next 5-7 years, don’t overcomplicate the process.


Don’t stress over selecting the best brushes or choosing between oil-based and water-based paints. Residential and commercial house painting companies like Brad Stoner Painting know what will and won’t wreck havoc on your home. Call today for your free estimate!


A Reputation &Quality of Work TO BE PROUD OF

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