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Fall Is the Season to Save on Exterior House Painting!

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Did you know that planning a professional exterior paint job in the Fall can actually save you more money than any other season? Fall offers unique opportunities to save BIG:

•         Keeping heat IN and cold air OUT is a challenge for every homeowner. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, small gaps in joints around windows, doors, and trim are one of the biggest sources of heat loss. Great paint contractors include extensive caulking in their preparation process - sealing cracks, gaps and joints. Professional caulking prevents wood rot and keeps drafts - and heat-seeking critters - OUT of your home. A professional paint job with solid prep work prevents heat loss and saves you money.

•         Because most paint contractors are busiest in the Spring and Summer months, you're more likely to get a price discount on exterior painting during the Fall. Also, due to a lighter schedule, many contractors are able to provide better customer service and a little extra attention to your job during the Fall.

•         In some cases, that extra attention translates into even more cost-savings. Since the ladders are already out, good painters will offer to clean gutters, wash windows, or perform wood replacement or repairs for a small additional fee. All of these are usually a huge savings over hiring another company to take a trip out and do the work. Cross another few items off your Fall "To-Do" list!

The Temperature Facts.  Many homeowners worry that cold weather and painting don't mix. 

The Facts: Good quality paint is safe to apply down to 35 degrees throughout the entire drying and curing process. (The paint can states this on the label.) Exterior painting during cool Fall days is comfortable for most experienced painting contractors and allows for proper curing during the lower overnight temperatures.    

TIP: All good paint contractors will leave you with any leftover paint for future touch-ups or color-matching. Remember to store paint inside - a basement is ideal - rather than in a garage where it may freeze and reduce the life and quality of the extra paint.    
Natural Benefits 

When the flower beds have been pulled up and foliage is thinned, access to your house is easier and there's less chance for damage to your landscaping. Painters are able to get to all surfaces of your home easily. Another reality: with the absence of flowering trees and shrubs your fresh coat of paint - possibly a new color or two - lets your house shine for neighbors and guests throughout the bare winter months.  Imagine a fresh, new exterior color welcoming your family and friends throughout the season.  
If you're one of the many homeowners who find yourself left with an unfinished Summer "To-Do" list - don't worry, there's still time this Fall to hire a contractor for exterior painting. In fact, you may be the smartest one in your neighborhood by saving some money and making sure your house is well-protected before any winter storms.  

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