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Four Foolish Painting Mistakes

Brad Stoner

As April Fools Day just ended a few days ok weeks ago, it's a great time to caution against making foolish mistakes when painting your property. The truth is, most early paint failures occur as a result of error or poor decision that all but invites difficulty with your paint.


Here's where many people make a mistake:



Foolish mistake #1: Purchasing low priced, poor paint. 

Bargain bin paint is basically fool's gold: It is usually far more difficult to apply, its applied appearance might be lower than ideal, also it simply won't be as durable as top quality paint. In the event you decide to take this road, keep those brushes and rollers handy you will be back on the ladder in no time, particularly if you are doing exterior painting. Or, you can just buy high quality paint, like a top-line 100% acrylic latex coating, and get an improved looking, much better paint.


Foolish mistake #2: Buying poor brushes and rollers. 

Trying to save by buying cheap paint applicators is another bad idea. Substandard sundries may cost less, however they produce a paint more challenging and more often than not modify the finished appearance from the paint. So why go cheap? Using higher quality applicators can make simple to use to make use of a thicker, more uniform coat of paint. . .leading to some more attractive finished paint.


Foolish mistake #3: Doing inadequate surface preparation. 

Even in case you're the planet's best painter, your hard work can certainly go sour if you don't prepare surfaces before beginning to create. Outdoors, that typically means scraping and sanding to eliminate loose or peeling paint, priming unpainted surfaces, and removing dirt and mildew indoors, good surface prep involves washing walls and woodwork, correcting surface imperfections with spackle or caulk, and concealing stains by having an appropriate primer. Sweat this small stuff, along with your paint might be a huge success.


Foolish mistake #4: Painting in the wrong weather conditions. 

Even the top exterior paint might be compromised when applied to extreme weather when it is cold, excessively hot, very windy. . . or, heaven forbid, right before a rainstorm. Attempt to paint in mild, not wild, weather, and your paint will be better for it. In the event you must operate in very hot or cold conditions, make sure you confirm the paint can label to find out your paint's temperature tolerance, and consider the guidelines seriously


Whatever season makes the most sense for you and Spring or SUmmer you begin the next home painting project, let this blog post be a reminder that foolish mistakes can wreck havoc with any paint. Remember, too, that these mistakes are easy to avoid.


Just spend money on the very best quality paint and equipment, resist the temptation to look at shortcuts on surface preparation, and observe the weather when painting outdoors. It's a fool-proof formula for painting success!  


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