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Go Green with Eco-friendly Paint for Your Home's Interior and Exterior

Rachel Williams

These days, it seems like people are increasingly becoming interested in doing their part to protect our natural resources and keep the environment clean. From eating more locally grown food to driving hybrid vehicles or installing solar power panels for your home energy needs, there are many ways to “go green.” A major way to become more environmentally friendly is to use healthier paint when you upgrade the look of your house.

Ecological concerns typically start at home because we want to protect our families and give them a safe and non-toxic environment. You don’t need to paint your home’s exterior green to demonstrate that you are all about preserving the environment. However, a new coat of paint of any hue applied by an expert residential painter company will help improve your family’s health when you go with eco-friendly paint.

The trick is to source paint that is as low as possible in volatile organic compounds or even completely eliminates VOCs from the mix. It’s important to remember that some cans of paint may be labeled as “low” in VOCs but may have more than others. VOCs can be a major source of interior pollution, which is why so many people are interested in curtailing their usage. There’s no need for you to dust off your old chemistry textbook to address the issue of VOCs. You can consult with your home painter to determine the best brand to get for your home.

Chief health effects of VOCs in paint include irritation of the throat, nose and eyes, nausea, headaches and damage to the central nervous system and kidneys, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This is why you will want to hire an interior painter for your home in the greater San Diego area to use eco-friendly paints.

You will want to keep in mind that the Federal Trade Commission recommends that homeowners look for both low-VOC base paint and low-VOC colorant (or zero-VOC base paint and colorant). A professionally trained house painter will know how to help you find low-VOC or zero-VOC paint that has the color you and your family want for the home.

The more we can eliminate toxic substances from our life, the better the prospects of having a happy and healthy family. This is why so many families have chosen us to be their home painter and use more eco-friendly paints. The improved indoor air quality makes all the difference and will serve you well in your home.

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