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House Painting by Region: San Diegans have it Made

Rachel Williams

In case you needed another reason to be thankful for living in one of the most desired climates of the world, here’s one more.


When it comes to house painting, Southern California has it made.


Forget seasonal painting, in San Diego nearly every month of the year is fit for repainting. In the construction industry, a variety of factors can affect a project. From weather patterns to scheduling, nearly every trade is faced with at least one challenge during the month sure to throw a wrench in current plans.


Painting and roofing companies are especially susceptible to changes in weather.  Extreme heat, rain and snow are all common weather patterns that often halt the construction process altogether. For painting contractors, an even narrower range of temperatures is available to achieve the best results. Thankfully for San Diego painting contractors, California’s climate is one of the most temperate. The city’s temperate climate makes year-round painting possible for residential and commercial painting clients alike.


Paint by Season


Check out our list below for a breakdown of painting seasons across the United States:


California: This state’s Mediterranean climate yields one of the widest painting seasons in the county (and as a result, has earned it a category all its own). Despite the occasional rainy or humid day, every season is fit for painting in California.


Desert West Region: States like Arizona are typical of the desert west region. While summers tend to be overly hot and unfit for painters and roofers alike, the region’s warmer winters (as well as most spring and late-fall seasons) can result in ideal painting weather.


East South Central/Mid-Atlantic Region: New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia are all considered a part of this humid, continental area. Much like their Southern counterparts, late winter and spring tend to have less humidity and may be better seasons for painting. While rainstorms can wreck havoc on an otherwise perfect painting season, late summer is also a viable option for these east coast states.


Mountain Region: The United States’ mountain states include Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico, among others. As a result of the large stretches of semi-arid land in these areas, summer is one of the best seasons to paint.


Pacific Northwest: This coastal area of the country includes some of the rainiest states like Washington and Oregon. When would be the best time to paint? Most summers in the Pacific Northwest tend to be drier and warmer, making them the best time of year for exterior painting.


South Atlantic Region: States that lie in this region include Texas, the Carolinas and many of the Gulf states. These areas are often classified as humid and sub-tropical. In most cases, this makes late winter one of the best times of year to paint.


West North Central Region: In this region of the county, summers are often cooler than in most other areas of the United States. For this reason, states like Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota and Missouri all offer many summer days perfect for painting.


What should you do when weather conditions threaten your paint job? Read more about it here


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