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House Painting: HOA-Recommended, Homeowner-Approved

Rachel Williams

Homeowners Association (HOA) got you down? Don’t let complicated regulations and restrictions prevent you from maintaining your home, condominium or apartment. Whether you are looking to repaint, repave or redo a home-improvement mishap, the questions below are designed to help you navigate that next construction project.  


Seven Questions To Ask Your HOA


Before starting any large reconstruction projects, it is important to be aware of any HOA-specific regulations in your community. A few of the most common, painting-related questions to ask the board members, owners or managers of your HOA include:


#1. Does my HOA specify certain color schemes when it comes to exterior painting?


While you may prefer chartreuse and sunshine yellow, your HOA may have other thoughts. Chances are, if the homes in your community all follow the same four color schemes, your community has set a standard for exterior paint colors.


Don’t know the exact colors or brand of paint? Don’t get stuck guessing. While white may look like white and brown may appear to always be brown…when an HOA sets a specific color scheme, they mean specific. Get the facts to avoid repainting.


#2. Am I responsible for my own exterior painting?


Will your HOA pay for repainting? When will they repaint? Get to know the community before you move in or ask around to get an idea of maintenance upkeep from current neighbors.


#3. Am I responsible for my own interior painting?


If you’re an owner in an association, chances are you’ll be responsible for your own interior painting. If you’re renting or leasing, many landlords will pay for repainting before a move-in date.


#4. Does my HOA have a list of recommended or approved contractors?


Not sure what to look for in a contractor? Ask your HOA for any approved contractors or ask a neighbor for referrals. Never hire an unlicensed contractor, or approve work without signing a contract. See our article on contractor requirements to learn more.


#5. What should I look for in a painting contractor?


While the cheapest painting contractor may sound like your best bet of the moment, don’t let price be the ultimate deciding factor. Consider the reputation of the contractor you’re hiring, ask about licensing and insurance and chose the higher quality paint every time. Paying just a little more now will save you from having to repaint again sooner.


#6. Will my HOA need to approve any construction projects?


Looking to remove exterior siding or alter the architecture of your home exterior while painting? Beware projects done without approval. Always confer with your HOA beforehand to see whether projects need approval or not.


#7. What if my HOA asks me to repaint?

What if your HOA won’t pay for repainting, but other homeowners start to complain about your unsightly property? By owning a property within an HOA, you agree to be help by the rules and regulations of the community. If the community sets a standard for exterior appearance, you may be required to paint, landscape or one of any other maintenance requirements. 


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