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How Paint Lures in Prospective Customers

Brad Stoner

In “Buyology,” marketer extraordinaire Martin Lindstrom tells of a bank owner who wanted to boost his bank’s awareness. “Paint everything pink,” said Lindstrom, who had just finished dinner and several glasses of wine. Six months later, the bank owner called and said everyone hated the new color. “Stick with it,” said Lindstrom. Three months later, the bank boasted the best brand awareness in the region and had halved its marking costs.

The importance of paint extends far beyond its color. Everyone knows that a warm red boosts blood pressure and a cool green invites relaxation, but not everyone knows that earthy colors help sell homes, or that mixing blue and red confuses depth perception, or that bright neon blue light damages the retina.

Here's more.

Color Psychology | Case Study: Macy’s

Founded in 1858, Macy’s is one of America’s oldest department stores. One reason for its longevity is the color red. Red signifies vitality and attracts attention, making it a potent tool for fashion outlets (e.g., red carpet) and retail shops that rely on impulse shoppers.

One study found that color accounts for 62-90 percent of a customer’s first impression of a store. Compared to black and white signage, color advertisements are 42 times more likely to be read.

Reverse Psychology | Case Study: Heinz

Heinz tried a different tack. In 2000, Heinz released EZ Squirt bottles of green ketchup. In three months, they sold as much green ketchup as they had planned for the entire year. Kids loved the squeamish color and presumably begged, cajoled and threatened mom until the bottle was bought.

Paint for Organization | Case Study: U.S. Naval Aircraft Carrier & Apple

On the deck of United States aircraft carriers, color is used for internal organization. Purple shirts handle aviation fuel; red shirts take care of ordnance and salvage; yellow shirts direct aircraft handling. 


Apple uses a similar strategy. Navy blue shirts provide technical advice, orange shirts provide help, etc. Why not implement a similar internal organization strategy using paints of different colors?

Painted Artscape | Case Study: Lake Placid, Florida

Take a journey to Lake Placid, Florida. In the late 1990s, the small inland town rejuvenated its drab downtown with a series of outdoor murals. Now, more than 40 enormous pictures adorn downtown, which is now home to art galleries, clothing boutiques, a clown museum and other local businesses.

Paint matters. It taps into customers’ personal experiences, psychological instincts and senses of humor. Consider it color catnip. 

Curious how you can wield the power of paint to rejuvenate your business? Brad Stoner Painting has been serving the San Diego area for more than 30 years. We can do a lot more than push a roller. We can use paint to boost your sales and invigorate your business. Give us a call today!

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