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How-To Guide: Using Paint Color to Boost Office Productivity

Rachel Williams

From co-workers to office chairs - you’ve probably guessed that work productivity is influenced by a number of different factors. What about paint colors though? Surprisingly, there’s a direct link between the color of our walls and office productivity.



Take a look at your office. Are your office walls a dull grey or do they inspire creativity? Do they leave you feeling calm and reflective or just plain stressed out?


Choose wisely when it comes time to repaint – the color of those walls affects your employees more than you’d think. Check out our commercial painting color guide for helpful hints on choosing paint colors that’ll not only keep your employees happy, but also enhance productivity.


Using Color to Your Advantage

It’s true; the color of your company’s office directly affects productivity in the workplace. What gives color such an edge when there are so many other factors surrounding employee morale?


Color has been scientifically proven to affect moods. Scientists call this visual ergonomics – the science of selecting colors and other design systems that are best suited for different environments. Visual ergonomics differs depending on your workplace and the expected behaviors required, like out-of-the-box thinking or attention to detail. To put it simply, paint color selection has the potential to make or break your office “vibe”.


How can you be sure you’re picking the perfect workspace colors for your profession? Your office walls should reflect the mood you want to see in the workplace. Blue is often used to reduce stress and creates feelings of tranquility. This color works especially well with commercial painting for law firms or medical facilities. Red, on the other hand, tends to excite and stimulate. Be careful not to over-stimulate your employees or incite feelings of hostility with this bright color! If your employees are constantly staring into those computer screens, green might work best for your particular San Diego commercial painting job. Studies have shown green to be more tranquil and reduce eyestrain.


Check out Brad Stoner Painting’s in-depth color guide here to determine what paint colors to use on your office walls. Better yet, ask your local San Diego painting company for some popular suggestions! Call us today at 858-586-7751 for your free exterior or interior painting estimate. 

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