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How to Keep Your Deck Young and Beautiful

Brad Stoner

Your deck is a canvas. Upon its wooden planks you enact the scenes of family life – a game of bocce ball, a candle-lit dinner, the smell of potted jasmine – and as your deck decays, so do those memories.

So keep it clean. Paint it pretty. And if you're not sure how, then read onwards.

Just as a house is only as strong as its foundation, so a deck is only as strong as its wood. Repair all localized damage. Rotted pits can be removed with a wood chisel. Rusty screws can be soaked in baking soda paste. Attach treated splints to creaky joists. Spoiled wood can be resurrected with a dry rot epoxy, and shaky handrails can be secured using exterior-grade polyurethane adhesive.

Once all the wood is repaired or replaced, you must clean your deck. And don't rely on chemical cleaners to do all your dirty work: Use some elbow grease! Sweep the planks and purge the cracks between. Powerwash the deck at 600 psi with the nozzle tip not closer than 12 inches to the wood. To clean dirt and mildew, use a commercial detergent or mix your own solution with laundry detergent, chlorine bleach and warm water. Spray along the grain to prevent etching, and sand afterwards using 100-grit sandpaper to remove any furring.

As always, wear a face mask and gloves when applying chemical cleaners or sanding treated wood.

All wooden decks must be protected from the elements. A tried-and-true solution is an oil-based exterior stain. Solid and semi-sold stains boast the longest lifespan, but transparent stains and toners allow the beauty of natural wood to shine through and impress the Jones's. Modern alkyd and acrylic exterior stains may perform as reliably as oil stains, but buy from a premium manufacturer, and don’t clip coupons for big-box store enamels.

We hate to say it, but most paints fail on decks. Now, there is the occasional high-gloss latex or oil enamel that can withstand the tantrums of Mother Nature for 5-10 years. However, all patio paints are more susceptible to chipping and fading than exterior stains.

Other alternatives include elastomeric coatings and acrylic resurfacers, both of which are popular on composite decks.

If you’d rather just enjoy your deck and let someone else worry about revitalizing it and keeping those planks intact, give us a call. Brad Stoner Painting has been rejuvenating decks and painting houses in the  San Diego area for nearly 30 years. You keep your family happy, and we'll keep your deck healthy.

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