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How to Paint a Conference Room

Brad Stoner

Some people think that choosing paint is mere mathematics. If yellow invites concentration, black emanates power, blue evokes patience and red incites aggression, then shouldn't a Jackson Pollack splatter painting induce teenage angst?


In 2013, 30 jail cells in Switzerland prisons were painted bright pink on this very principle. Psychologists hoped that the tempers of aggressive inmates would quickly defuse when ensconced by walls the shade of bubble gum. The project was called "Cool Down Pink," and in the two years since its origin, not one criminal has renounced violence and drugs to the credit of the color pink.

We've got some other ideas. Looking to paint your conference room?

Consider Your Lighting Source
As a rule of thumb, incandescent and halogen lights enhance warm yellows and reds and mute cool greens and blues. Traditional fluorescent lights do the opposite, and CFLs and LEDs come anywhere in between. This is due to a phenomenon called "metamerism," when your perception of color changes, chameleon-like, under different lighting. When choosing a bulb, pick one with a high Color Rendition Index (CRI), preferably 85-100, and one with a "color temperature" of minimum 4000K.

If your conference room receives lots of natural light, then use warm colors in northern-facing rooms and cool colors in southern-facing rooms. Don't use colored curtains.

Match Color to Furniture

No paint exists independently of the surrounding furniture. Ensure that the two complement one another. If your mahogany meeting table shines like polished glass, consider using semi-gloss paint on the walls to match its brilliance. Plus, glossy paints hide wear and tear better than satin or matte paints.

Measure the Floor Plan
Color can delineate space where architecture provides none. Use an accent wall to show off a whiteboard or projector screen. Set off the food and beverage area with its own niche design. Use dark colors on high ceilings to make the room feel more intimate, more conversational. Conversely, use vertical stripes to make a room feel bigger and, of course, give it a bit of fun.

We at Brad Stoner Painting don't usually work in conference rooms. To be honest, our idea of dressing up is removing our dirty aprons. But after three decades (and counting) of experience in the San Diego area, we know how to paint your business rooms to maximize their productivity and minimize their maintenance. And we promise  not to use bubble gum pink.

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