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Manage Commercial Painting Despite Weather Conditions

Rachel Williams
Whether you live in sunny San Diego or clear across the coast, weather always plays an important factor in residential and commercial house painting. What weather conditions should and shouldn't worry you when it comes to painting?
Painting and roofing are two of the most weather-sensitive jobs in the contractor field. From San Diego painting contractors to everyday DIY enthusiasts, if you're planning to paint it is important to consider the impact that wind, rain and drastic changes in temperature have on the application and overall life of a paint job. 

Managing the Weather


How should you manage the weather when it’s affecting your house painting schedule?


We all face deadlines. Unfortunately, weather conditions often throw our best-laid plans to the wind (literally) if we don't plan ahead. From unhappy tenants to ruined construction projects, the results can sometimes mean a scraped project or the end of a commercial house painter's good relationship. Consider the following when weather conditions threaten your next exterior house painting project. 


When the weather is just too hot… try starting out the day on the west side of the house. In states like Arizona and Nevada, summer temperatures easily hit the 100’s on a daily basis. As a DIYer or painting contractor, plan accordingly and try starting out your day on the west side of your property where you won’t experience direct sunlight.


Tip From the Pros: Most paints are best applied between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


When high winds affect your painting plans… look into pre-finishing. In areas like Houston, Texas, high winds and dust can wreck havoc on an otherwise-great paint job. Some areas offer pre-finished products where a controlled environment will ensure a longer-lasting paint job.


When your “perfect paint weather” is limited… look into expanding your crew size. In areas where ideal painting seasons are few, spending weeks on a project often isn’t an option. By adding more team members to your experienced crew, the job gets done faster and ensures you won’t be stuck with a half-finished house painting project or commercial painting job.


When you just can't avoid the weather... wait to paint. If all else fails, holding off of your professional house painting job may just save your home or tenant's property years down the line. While the ramifications of high wind and moisture in the air may seem like immediate problems, they'll give you more problems in the future if ignored. 

Damp surfaces not only slow the paint curing process, they can create adhesion problems - resulting in premature peeling and even mildew. High winds often cause the opposite effect, resulting in house paint that dries too fast and doesn't properly bond. Worried about the way wind might affect the finish of your paint? Not only will wind affect the texture of your exterior house painting, dust and pollen in the air can lead to the growth of mildew and mold sometimes years down the line. 


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