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New Painting Technologies

Brad Stoner

Technological advances in paint keep rolling in like waves off the surf. Two-in-one paint and primer. Low-VOC paint. Vanilla-scented paint (yes, you read that right). It's an exciting field to work in.


Here are a few of our favorite new technologies.


Low-Temp Paint
Apply paint at 50-90 degrees. That was the Golden Rule of Painters until Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and other manufacturers introduced low-temp latex paint, designed for use in the frigid temperatures of 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hydrophobic Paint
To the chagrin of car washes and youth fundraisers everywhere, Nissan came out with a hydrophobic protective coating called, humbly, "Ultra-Every-Dry." The protective coating sheds water, oil, mud and dirt.

Self-Healing Paint
Infiniti, close cousin to Nissan, introduced "Scratch Shield," a self-healing automotive paint that uses synthetic resins, activated by heat, to fill small cosmetic scratches.

Activity Paint

Want to rejuvenate an accent wall or build a home study? Why not coat a wall with chalkboard paint, whiteboard paint or magnetic paint? Grab a chalk stalk or dry erase marker and let your imagination – and your child – run wild. 

Linseed Oil Paint
Linseed oil paint is not new. But Allback has brought it into the 21st century. Its Organic Linseed Oil paint has no toxic solvents and lasts up to 50 years on an exposed exterior. Allback recommends touching up the paint every 10-15 years with a coat of boiled linseed oil. The paint can be applied on wood, corrugated steel, concrete, plastic and other previously painted surfaces.

Anti-Pollutant Paint
In 2013, Dow Chemical unveiled a new paint additive called FORMASHIELD™ 12 100% Acrylic Binder. The additive captures formaldehyde and permanently stores it in the paint, effectively reducing air pollution.

Insulation Paint
Not to be outdone, Hy Tech Thermal Solutions, Inc. introduced an insulating paint additive that improves emissivity and reflectivity, dramatically reducing heat transfer due to paint radiation absorption. It works with most any oil- or water-based paint.

Photovoltaic Paint
Graphene is a sheet of carbon items just one atom thick. For reference, the typical grain of sand has 78,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms. We counted. Scientists at the University of Manchester have developed graphene photovoltaic solar cells. The researchers hope to develop graphene paint, which could be applied on building exteriors, to generate electricity from solar radiation.

Strain Paint
Of particular importance to commercial customers is an experimental paint, developed at the Rice University in Houston, which uses carbon nanotubes to help detect strain in structures. Using a non-contact infrared thermometer, researchers can detect microscopic cracks in the coat of paint long before they become apparent to the naked eye. Compared to a conventional strain gauge, the superior nanotube-based system can measure strain at any location, in any orientation.

Sure, we at Brad Stoner Painting work hard to feed our families and pay our taxes. But we also paint because we enjoy it! One day, we might be painting solar cells on your house or commercial building, applying water-resistant paint on your kitchen counter-tops. But in the meantime, what can we paint for you today?

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