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What’s the #1 San Diego Painting Blunder?

Rachel Williams

When it comes to painting, most cities tend to worry about weather. From sunshine to snowfall, even the slightest temperature change can affect your home. Here in San Diego, things are a little different. With an average of around 10 inches of rainfall a year, both interior and exterior painting are made possible year-round.


(That means the only thing left to worry about is which San Diego painting contractor to hire!)


Top Painting Mistakes

With weather out of the way, what are the top house painting blunders San Diegans should watch out for? Here are a few of the most popular San Diego painting mistakes:


Waiting too long to paint is a common problem. Don’t let this happen to you! When you wait until your paint starts peeling, bubbling or chipping away, you risk long-term damage to your home.


What’s another big painting blunder? Over applying paint is a popular problem among residential painting do-it-yourselfers (DIYers). We understand your enthusiasm with paint, but it’s far easier to add a second coat of paint than scrape or sand those drip marks off of your walls later.


Helpful Hint: Try painting your rollers in a “W” shape across the wall to initially distribute paint.


Trying to save money by hiring an unlicensed contractor. Even in times of desperation, hiring an unlicensed contractor to do your house painting just isn’t worth it. Don’t risk an unfinished paint job or end up liable for on-site injuries!


Using the wrong type of paint is an easily avoidable mistake that has gotten countless homeowners into trouble. If you’ve decided to go a little DIY on this year's paint job, don’t forget to match your paint types! Is your current wall painted with latex, oil-based or some other type of paint? The difference matters!


Another popular house painting blunder is forgetting to prep surfaces areas. Whether you’re starting with San Diego interior painting or exterior painting, prep work is essential to a long-lasting, durable finish.


Here at Brad Stoner Painting, we’re committed to quality work and helping homeowners like you plan ahead with paint protection.


Prevent Problems by Planning Ahead

We've discussed a number of different painting concerns so far, but what’s the number one San Diego painting blunder? The number one painting mistake we've run into here at Brad Stoner Painting is not planning ahead.


Not planning ahead is only the start of countless other residential painting problems! When you forget to plan ahead, preparation time and quality are most often sacrificed. Worse still, without the proper time to prepare for residential and commercial house painting, problems that might have been easily avoided can create big problems.


Think before you paint this season and plan ahead by calling Brad Stoner Painting today!


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