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Painting Your Office a New Color Improves Company Morale

Brad Stoner

The research on color and mood has become well-established during the last thirty years; however, many business people don't know that they've the power and ability to increase sales and employee retention simply with a strategic utilization of paint.

It has been said that color can affect mood. "Green rooms" backstage at TV talk shows are green on purpose, they are saying. The color promotes peace and relaxation. Applying this same principle that color can affect one's performance giving your office space an entire makeover can re-energize your workers and impress visitors.
We've come up with a couple of color schemes that just might energize your office. 
•         Blue - While the color is normally avoided in restaurants and break areas, because of its alleged capability to zap somebody's appetite, blue is an excellent color for productivity. The color blue is claimed to increase somebody's confidence, as well as instill feelings of tranquility. For this reason, blue is frequently found in office space.
•         Red - This may make a great accent color, but red walls can be avoided. Red incites anger within a person, which may definitely be an unwanted emotion in a work place. However, in places that accuracy is important this color might help those employees become more exact while using the color sparingly.
•         Black - This accent color can be used as synonymous with power and elegance.

•         White - Normally in a office's decor, whether in the walls or trim. White is popular which is neutral, it also lets in large amounts of light. This provides employees an overall a feeling of well-being, but be cautious. Using an excessive amount of white can in fact make workers less productive.
•         Beige or off-white - Most office walls fall in this category. Many buildings choose this which is neutral although it is not being overpowering. Both colors fall in the "brown" family, which makes them the shades of security and comfort. These, obviously, are good feelings for workers to possess in a work place.
Here are a couple of colors to avoid or use very sparingly, particularly in work areas.
•         Green - While the green room mentioned earlier is popular backstage at talk shows, feelings of tranquility and peace can be a scourge in a work place. As you don't want your employees yelling at each other and fist-fighting, in addition, you desire them to remain awake. Green may be a possibility in common areas or lobbies, but it must be avoided in conference rooms and cubicles basically, anywhere a worker might feel compelled to doze off.
•         Yellow - Workers are most likely to get rid of their tempers within a room this color. While it does increase concentration and boost metabolism, it could be advisable to save it for break rooms and restrooms.
•         Pink - Pink is an additional peaceful color. If you have a need to inspire relaxation inside your employees, this could be the top color.  Pink is the color often used for visiting team locker rooms as it zaps energy, therefore it isn't a sensible color to use inside your office.
Generally speaking, painting your offices will give your workers a feeling of excitement about going to work. Try to be careful that you choose the proper colors, both for your walls and then for trim and accents.
If you are interested in having Brad Stoner Painting come out and give you some recommendations on how we can help makeover your office using a color palette that is going to help you get the most out of your employees give us a call at 888-614-2415

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