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Tips on Painting Maintenance Free Materials

Brad Stoner

We very often hear how certain exterior building materials are "maintenance-free". Once they are attached to your house, you no longer have to worry about them forever, or so the the ads say. Vinyl siding, composite decking, fiberglass trim, and factory-finished aluminum are just a few of the types of materials that fit the "maintenance free" description. 


But what about painting them - to improve the color, freshen the looks, or simply provide an extra layer of protection against the elements? 


Is it possible to paint something that doesn't require painting? More often than not, it is possible to paint these materials but it's important that you follow the right procedures when doing so. Here are some handy tips improve upon your maintenance-free materials this spring!  


As with all exterior paint jobs, you must first make any repairs which might be necessary, then cleanse and rinse the surface before using any sort of coating. Remove any mildew found, using a 3:1 water/bleach solution, followed by an intensive rinsing.  Its always smart to apply a coat of high quality acrylic latex primer when painting maintenance-free materials. A primer can help the paint get a better grip on the surface, and present the finished paint more uniform color and sheen. 


It's important that you use the right product. A superior quality 100% acrylic latex paint is a superb choice for almost any type of exterior painting, but it's essential when painting surfaces that can be maintenance-free. High quality 100% acrylic latex paint provides the best adhesion to just about any material, it produces an incredibly durable paint film, and possesses very consistent color and gloss. 


As it is true with all painting, its a good idea to apply the primer and paint with quality brushes and rollers. They will make it easier to put down thicker, more protective layers of the coatings, and enable you to get the best appearance for your new paint job. 


. So, the next time you are wondering whether a material which is touted as maintenance-free can be painted, wonder no more: The answer then is most likely "yes".


If you are interested in having a professional San Diego painter add new life or further improve upon your maintenance free materials.  Please call our office to schedule a free estimate at 888-614-2415.

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