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Part One: Ten Paint Color Mistakes Most People Make

Rachel Williams

Color is a powerful tool with the potential to make or break your living space. Ready to start on that house painting? It’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of selecting colors before your kitchen walls start peeling and that exterior paint job has all but faded away.


For most people, keeping these ten popular mistakes in mind will help to avoid a whole lot of hassle (whether you're hiring a San Diego painting company or starting your own home project). What are the top ten color mistakes? Here’s Part One of our list:


#1: Choosing colors based on how they look in the store.

Unless your home is lined with bright fluorescent ceiling lights, chances are the paint color you’ve selected in the store will look a little different at home. Even within the same home, the way colors look varies based on natural light and other factors. It’s important to test out those color chips and store samples BEFORE you buy.


#2: Using “safe” colors every time you paint.

When it comes to residential painting, it’s easy to stick with the basics. If you’re looking to brighten up a room or home office though, color can be an essential part of your design plan. Try researching visual ergonomics and how they can affect your overall mood to help you choose the best color for your space.


#3: Not considering the mood of your room.

Whenever you’re selecting paint colors, it’s also important to consider the overall feel you want to create for your space. What vibes do you want to emphasize? What moods should be toned down or avoided? Cool colors like blues and greens tend to create calmer environments while warmer colors like reds and oranges feel more welcoming and at times, energizing.


#4: Neglecting to match your colors with the space.

Green might look perfect in your living room, but that same natural color could also leave your guests feeling queasy in the bathroom. In other words: Don’t assume that just because a color looks great in one room, it’ll look great in every room. 


#5: Painting without primer (or using the wrong color primer).

Primer works wonders for paint. It creates a fresh surface for paint to adhere to and brings out the true color you’ve selected. Without it, your shade of paint may appear too light or dark – leaving you no choice but to repaint the entire area over again.


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