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Part Two: Ten Paint Color Mistakes Most People Make

Rachel Williams

When it comes to house painting, it's tough enough for most of us to chose a San Diego interior paint company, much less decide on the colors we'd prefer. Fortunately, we've created this list to help you avoid ten popular color mistakes most people make when it comes to selecting interior and exterior paint colors. 

In our last post we started our top ten countdown. Now we’re here to finish things up with the final five (if you missed Part One of this series, you can find it here). Check them out below:

#6: Not comparing paints to the rest of your home.

Have a pillow you plan on focusing your living room décor around? What about a sample of the tile in your kitchen? Bring some samples with you to the paint store.

Taking samples of everything that will be used in the room you plan to hire a San Diego painting company to repaint or do yourself will help avoid unnecessary stress later.

#7: Blindly following color trends.

Just because every popular home magazine recommends navy blue doesn't mean you should use it. A better solution might be to use that color as an accent that can be easily switched out with pillows or a rug when new color trends roll around.

#8: Sticking exclusively to gender specific colors.

You’re having a baby girl? Better paint that room pink ...right?

Forget everything you know about gender stereotypes and give yourself free reign over the color wheel. Looking for something a little more natural and youthful? Residential house painting doesn't have to be boring. So experiment with green. In need of some tranquility? Blue might just do the trick. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to paint as long you consider the mood-altering effects of color and ultimately, choose something you love.

#9: Letting someone talk you into a paint color you don’t love.

When it comes to paint selection, choosing wisely is essential if you’re not the type to repaint every year. That’s why San Diego paint company Brad Stoner Painting recommends choosing the best color for you. Red might have worked well for your best friend’s designer house down the road, but be sure to consider your own taste and style before you buy.

#10: Ignoring the undertones in paint color.

Does the white you’ve chosen complement the blue accent wall you’re adding across the room? Does that white on your brush have green undertones? There’s no such thing as a pure white or pure blue. EVERYTHING includes undertones and subtle color changes. Be sure to compare the paint colors you’ve chosen with what else is out there to makes sure it matches up with your overall color scheme.

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