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Plan Ahead with Residential Painting

Rachel Williams

There’s no better time to plan ahead than during the season of new resolutions. Will house painting top your list this season?

There are a number of different reasons why house painting should top your to-do list this year. From protection against weather damage to the house painting cost in San Diego, it pays to think ahead when you’re planning a big repainting job.

Why Plan Ahead?

Like most projects, residential painting runs much more smoothly when you plan your project in advance. Why? Planning ahead...

…Prevents Excess Weather Damage.

When you don’t think ahead, harsh weather conditions can start to chip and wear away at old San Diego paint. By planning at an appropriate time you can prevent wood, metal and other surfaces from deteriorating faster – elongating the life of your property (and saving you a little money).

…Gives you Enough Time to Hire a Licensed San Diego Painting Contractor.

Don’t leave your painting until the last minute. Especially in colder areas where the exterior painting season is shorter, popular painters are often booked months in advance. NEVER hire an unlicensed painter – even if you’re desperate. Planning ahead ensures you’ll have enough time to find the painting contractor that’s right for you and won’t leave you with an unfinished paint job or liable for injuries.

…Ensures Nothing Gets Forgotten.

This might just be the most important reason to plan ahead this season. The bigger the house painting job, the more important it is to plan ahead and ensure nothing gets forgotten!

…Leaves you with More Time to Budget for Quality House Painting.

Along with leaving you more time to choose a licensed painter, planning ahead gives homeowners more time to save. Skimping on the cost of house painting by choosing a lower quality paint might save you money in the short term, but in the long run your paint will likely fade and chip faster. (That means you’ll need to either paint sooner or risk damaging the structure of your home!) In most cases, homeowners who skimp on paint quality end up stuck with a disappointing residential painting job. It just makes sense to choose quality paint!

…Allows the Proper Time for Prep Work.

Prep work is essential to a long-lasting, quality paint job. By planning ahead, you not only give yourself enough time to prepare for exterior or interior house painters, but also leave time for a professional San Diego painter to clean, patch and prepare the job site. In fact, a quality painting contractor in San Diego like Brad Stoner Painting won’t even touch your home unless they have adequate time to get the job done right.

…Helps to Prevent Last-Minute Changes.

Like most in-home projects, painting can create a lot of indecision. Should you stick to painting your house interior or hire an exterior painter? What colors work best with the rooms in your home? Will your current furniture help you decide how to paint?

Planning ahead is a great way to de-stress and decide…once and for all. Better yet, check out our color chart for ideas!

…Leaves Room for Flexibility in Residential Painting.

Should your perfect plan to prevent last-minute changes go awry, leaving a little room for flexibility just might save your San Diego paint job.

Get started today and call Brad Stoner Painting for your free estimate!

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