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Power Washing Advice from Commercial Paint Pros

Rachel Williams

Looking to repaint this summer? If you or your tenant are planning for San Diego exterior painting, you’ll probably deal with power washing in one way or another.


Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a method of cleaning that involves a high-velocity water spray to remove dirt and residue from outside walls and other objects. Used in both commercial and residential painting, this type of cleaning is often the first step in any San Diego painting project. Pressure washing can be used on a variety of surfaces, including aluminum, vinyl and wood.  


Why Power Wash?

“But my building doesn’t look dirty,” many owners plea when faced with the cost of pressure washing. “Why not skip it and cut costs a little?”


Power washing is an essential part of the commercial paint preparation process and while many buildings don’t look overly dirt-covered or in need of a wash, even the smallest layer of dirt can create big problems when it comes to the life of your new paint job. Even the slightest amount of dirt, grease or grime on a surface can cause peeling, bubbling and other premature problems down the road.


In terms of cost, pressure washing often ends up saving building owners and managers money by making dirt removal faster and easier, especially in hard-to-reach areas where ladders or scaffolding might otherwise have been required.


What Else Should You Consider When Power Washing?


Whether you’ve dealt with pressure washing one or one hundred times, we’ve listed a few important details that owners, facility managers and property managers should keep in mind before that next big exterior paint project. A quality San Diego painting contractor will know the risks and common problems associated with power washing, but if you have concerns with your unique property, it’s always better to ask than assume!


Pro Tips: Power Washing Commercial Paint

Inspect the Property Before you Pressure Wash. Are there any nearby buildings, machinery or surfaces at risk of being damaged?


Check for Lead Paint. Pressure washing lead exterior paint can be harmful in many cases, especially if run-off water or paint chips are not properly contained. Working with one of the many experienced San Diego commercial painting companies will help to prevent the side-effects of improperly handling lead paint. 


Leave Adequate Dry Time.


Prepare the Site Before Pressure Washing. Remove any hazardous obstacles that could tangle your hose or create falls. Always be sure to close all windows and doors before spraying.


Clean Up When Done. Pressure washing is a powerful cleaning method with the ability to create a big mess if you aren’t careful! Proper prep and clean up afterward will prevent potentially unhappy tenants or disasters.


Ready to power wash? If you aren’t hiring a professional commercial or residential painting contractor, be sure that whoever operates your power washing machinery is professionally trained and properly equipped to handle the job. Like all machinery, a pressure washer is a dangerous tool if used improperly.


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