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Apply Color Psychology When Choosing Interior Paint Schemes

Brad Stoner

Skillful interior design is largely a creative endeavor, however, there is some science involved, and none more essential than the psychology of color.

Color psychology may help you choose paint colors that induce the proper mood in the room, affecting not only your individual feelings, but those of everyone who enters it.  The truth is, paint color is really powerful that it can influence our frame of mind, and in many cases our physiology.

The ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, and lots of other bands used color to heal.  By doing so, they often times favored the blues and greens present in nature, colors that have an emotional connection to peace, harmony, and tranquility.  In these trying economic times, paint colors during these same hues may help calm our nerves in the home.

And remember, no one will spend more time in your home than you will so it's important to choose colors that you love and you won't fail.

Blue, which regularly ranks on top of surveys exploring "favorite" colors, is shown to slow pulse rate reducing body's temperature.  The implications for interior painting:  blue can be a terrific color choice for bedrooms, but less so for dining rooms.

Green, also just about the most popular colors, is a little handier.  Although it, too, includes a soothing effect, it also represents renewal, youth, and vigor.  Because it's calming, green paint is a good color option for bedrooms, and also, since it does not take color of many appetizing fruits and vegetables, it can be employed in dining rooms, too.

There is no equivocation with red.  It bespeaks energy and excitement, actually raising the blood pressure and making one's heart beat faster.  Because it is linked to desire and passion, it is a perfect paint color for dining rooms and bedrooms. Yet, ironically, pink  a very light tint of red is amongst the most calming colors, and is a good selection for a baby's room.

Yellow is an incredible interior paint color.  Like sunshine, it imparts happiness, hope, and optimism.  Studies have shown the brain actually releases more seratonin if the eye consumes yellow creating positive psychological vibes.  Yellow can also stir our creative juices.  What better color to utilize inside a master bath or dinette to acquire your entire day off on the right foot?

Orange is a happy color, too.  More attention-getting than yellow, orange comes with an energy and warmth over it.  Muddy shades are helpful in lots of parts of the house, but vivid tones can happen raw and flamboyant.  Orange is clearly not the colour of calm, so it is best to bypass it when painting a bedroom or another area where you want to relax.

Purple is a troublesome paint color wherever it's used, but it the overwhelming favorite of adolescent girls.  Reserve use of this color for the daughter's room to make a win-win situation. Its likely that, she'll like it and you will take comfort in purple's proven capability to stimulate brain activity!

No discussion of paint color could be complete point out the "non-colors" black (the lack of light, and so, color) and white (the confluence of all colors in the spectrum).

Black is a great accent color indoors or out, imparting elegance, formality, and sophistication with a paint color scheme.  But don't get overly enthusiastic from it. A lot of black may be depressing.  

White, on the other hand, conveys peace, simplicity, and spaciousness.  It might give you a crisp finish to just about any paint with the addition of sharp contrast towards the wall color.  Used within a room, it could give the illusion that the space is bigger than its physical dimensions. 

Color psychology should be taken into account when selecting an interior paint scheme, however it's only one factor to consider.  Personal color preference needs to be given just as much thought.

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