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San Diego Painting: Choose the Right Paint for the Job

Rachel Williams

From flat to glossy to everything in between, picking out the right paint for the job can sometimes feel like the longest part of the house painting process. Instead of wasting precious hours testing and retesting paint swatches or reading up on “green paint”, why not take a few tips from the pros?


(Better yet, hire a painting contractor like Brad Stoner Painting to help you determine the best paint for the job!)


San Diego Paint Selection

If you’ve taken a stroll through your local Home Depot or paint manufacturer lately, you’ve probably seen terms like “low VOC” and “eco-friendly” thrown around a lot lately. What do these terms mean and why do they matter?


If you’ve ever felt a dizzy or nauseous after repainting your home or office, you may have been exposed to a high concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs evaporate at room temperature and can pollute a room for years to come. Thankfully, the federal government has put a cap on the amount of VOCs allowed in products like paint and disinfectants, and paint manufacturers now offer low VOC and even no VOC products for cautious home and business owners.


What Types of Paint Can You Buy?

Conventional Paints


Conventional paints tend to contain higher levels of VOCs, although they still must comply with federally mandated regulations concerning VOC levels. Inside, VOCs can lead to unhealthy air quality while outside, VOCs can potentially combine with other pollutants to create smog and is the reason many owners are starting to consider alternatives to traditional paint.


Low-VOC & No-VOC Paints


As we mentioned, the federal government puts a cap of the amount of VOCs allowed in your average can of paint. Low-VOC and No-VOC paints place even stricter rules and regulations on the amount of VOCs allowed in their paints. (Beware of products that add other harmful ingredients like HAPs in place of VOCs, though.)


Natural Paints


Casein paints are considered to be some of the most natural paints available. These paints are composed primarily of milk proteins and other non-toxic pigments and tend to be very fast drying. As a result of their more natural ingredients, natural paints tend to be much less durable and offer fewer color options. 


Green Paints


If you’re looking for something with little to no environmental impact, look for paints with a special environmental certification seal on their paint can. These paints often contain little to no toxic biocides as well as very subtle or unnoticeable odors.


Talk with your local San Diego painting contractor to learn more about the paint options available to you!


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