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San Diego Painting Company Celebrates 28 Years

Rachel Williams

This month marks the official twenty-eighth anniversary of Brad Stoner Painting. Since 1986, we've been servicing San Diego County as an interior and exterior painting contractor. What started out as a small team with just a few employees has grown into a house painting company with over 20 full-time painters. From television and radio commercials to a catchy jingle you won't soon forget, Brad Stoner Painting has proved itself to be one of the most honest and reliable painting contractors in San Diego.


Since our start in 1986, we've painted over 14,400 San Diego homes and countless commercial properties - from biotechnology buildings and office complexes to retirement communities. Read more about our services here. In commemoration of this twenty-eighth anniversary, we thought we'd share not only a little bit of our own history, but delve into the in-depth history of residential and commercial house painting.   


House Painting History


Years ago, when DIY wasn't quite so glamorous, painting contractors and homeowners would never have had access to the countless brands, colors and painting tools that we do today. In fact, about 2,000 years ago, groups of people like the ancient Egyptians created paints by combining oil or fat with natural resources like lead, animal blood and semiprecious stones. Color palettes were definitely limited! How did the house painting technology of today come about?


Commercial Painting: Hiring Out


Painting contractors aren't anything new. As early as the 1200s, painters were commissioned to paint murals, portraits and homes. The first guild of house painters was created in 14th century England in order to protect the closely held secrets of the trade. This guild eventually became known as the "Worshipful Company of Painters and Stainers".


In the American colonies, the Pilgrims viewed the use of paint as vain and immodest. As a result, even the act of mixing and cooking new paint became illegal. Despite social pressures, the trade continued to flourish (thanks to a few bold painters). In the 18th century, Marshall Smith invented a "Machine or Engine for the Grinding of Colours". This became one of the first tools to increase efficiency in the creation of paints and sparked interest in the craft throughout Europe. 


At this point in time, lead paint was very popular - used for its durability and ability to retain color well. Many painters developed lead poisoning as a result and air extraction systems became commonplace to lessen the amount of lead powder inhaled on a daily basis. It wasn't until 1978 however, that the U.S. prohibited the sale or use of lead-based house paint. 


Sherwin-Williams became one of the first global paint manufacturers in 1866 and still exists today. The company launched with the creation of ready-to-use paint and years later, released the first re-sealable tin paint can. In 1883, competitor Benjamin Moore was born. The company would eventually be responsible for inventing the first computerized color-matching system and revolutionizing the world of house painting. 


Today, house painting brands focus on the environmental and health impact of their paints - offering products like low or no-VOC paints. Exposure to VOCs creates numerous health complications such as liver, kidney and nervous system damage. Fewer VOCs also means fewer stinky paint fumes to overwhelm homes or office spaces.


Paint manufacturers continue to explore the possibilities of these paint products - creating organic, natural and other alternative paint options in addition to the never-ending color possibilities. 


Aren't quite sure how to navigate the wide world of paint? Just ask your local San Diego painting contractor!

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