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Should Your San Diego Painting be Sprayed or Rolled?

Rachel Williams

Spraying or rolling? That is the question (in this blog post, at least). While spraying on house paint is by no means a new process, this innovative take on traditional rolling not only works better in many situations but serves as a complement to rolling paint.


Whenever the debate over spraying and rolling comes up, a few questions tend to arise. Check out our list of seven popular questions concerning paint application and make the judgment call for yourself! (Better yet, hire a commercial or residential painting contractor and let an expert help you with those tough calls.)


What’s the cost difference?


The cost of house painting when spraying or rolling depends on a number of factors. Most often, spraying is faster than rolling and will help you save on labor costs for your San Diego paint job. Spraying does tend to take longer when prepping an area; however, so it's important to consider the environment when deciding between the two because prep time could easily add up!


How will the finish differ between spraying and rolling?


Spraying tends to create a smoother finish compared to rolling. On surfaces like stucco though, the two are typically combined by first spraying and then back rolling.


Does spraying involve less paint?


As in any trade, sprayers and rollers are only tools in the house painting business and one is not necessarily better than the other.


Will spraying on paint create a mess?



If done properly, spraying on paint instead of rolling it won’t leave any more of a mess around your home or business. Spraying typically requires a longer preparation period because, instead of simply taping off edges, a larger area needs to be covered and protected. Once the spraying process begins it tends to be more time efficient than rolling. (Again, all of this depends on your unique interior or exterior house paint job.)


Will rolling make my paint last longer?


No, rolling will not guarantee a longer lasting paint finish. If you're looking for the longest-lasting paint finish possible, choose a higher quality paint with better ingredients to ensure durability and less color fade. 


Can anyone spray on paint?


As with any trade, it takes skill and a strict adherence to safety regulations to get a job done right. Sprayers have an output of 1500 pounds per square inch and can be dangerous if not operated correctly.


What method is best for painting stucco?


When repainting stuccoed surfaces, most San Diego painting contractors will spray and then back roll an area to provide the most complete coverage. 


What about overspray?


In neighborhoods and areas where properties are closer together, spraying might not always be the best option. It is important to consider wind and any added costs to contain overspray. This is especially important to think about when it will take a significantly longer amount of time to cover and tape off areas that won’t be painted, like neighboring buildings and windows.  


Ultimately, spraying and rolling are only tools to get the job done. What works better for one building might differ on another. If you're unsure when it comes to your particular project, consult an expert at one of the many San Diego commercial painting companies. 


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