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Spring into House Painting

Brad Stoner

Spring is here and with it comes the need to spruce things up around the house. Now is the time to fix broken siding, pull all the weeds, and maybe even some house painting.

In San Diego, there are a number of reputable painters to choose from. If you do decide to do it yourself, follow the tips from the pros.

1. Inspect the Current Paint
Look for cracks and blistered paint and repair as needed. A thorough inspection will not only find imperfections in the paint job, but also in the foundation where moisture can collect and warp the wood. If you find any openings or cracks, you may have to fill them with caulking or even do a larger scale remodel. 

If you don’t find any breaches in the foundation but find cracked and chipping paint, you will have to sand the chips down in order to make the surface as smooth as possible before applying another coat. This can be time consuming and labor intensive, but overall it is worth it to have an end product that looks brand new.

2. Make Sure You have the Right Tools
If you are looking to change the exterior of your biggest and most profound investment, then you need to make sure that it looks professional. This includes getting the right tools. Here is what you should have in your arsenal:
  • Hammer – use to nail in loose boards or to set nails that are sticking out.
Sandpaper – used for sanding down the more subtle chips and to smooth and finish out scraping.
Scraper – look for a chisel blade with comfort grips.
Wire brush
Three inch paint brush – make sure that it is square at one end to allow you to apply the paint evenly.
Paint roller with handle – use for painting large areas such as an exterior wall.
Stirring sticks 
Paint buckets- use empty gallon jugs or plastic paint cans.
Drop cloths – to catch the paint.
Masking tape 
Caulking gun – to fill in any dips before you paint

3. Choose the Right Paint
When deciding on the paint, there are factors that are more important than the color such as the quality of the paint. Because your house spends so much time out in the California elements, you need to make sure that you use latex house paints and primers. A latex-based paint will shield the wood underneath from the moisture in the air and the salt from the ocean spray. 
If all of these steps and equipment seem too overwhelming or time consuming, find a reputable painter to save you the headache!

Brad Stoner Painting is your house painter in San Diego and we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us today for your professional painting needs!

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