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Step by Step: Clues to Choosing Interior Paint Colors

Rachel Williams

Let’s face it. Color is everywhere. From bedrooms, to bathrooms and everything in between, there’s a never ending color wheel inside our very homes. Are you taking advantage of yours?

If you’re looking for a San Diego painting company to brighten up your humble abode, don’t forget to check for color clues! For most of us, the best place to start this color search is inside our own closets. This brings us to step one:


#1: Open Up Your Closet.


Most wardrobes tend to fall into one or two main color families. Seeing yellow? Has green taken over your tees? Don’t ignore your preferences – you selected those colors for a reason! If you feel confident and comfortable enough wearing those colors on a daily basis, they might just be the guide to your perfect residential house painting colors.


#2: Scan for Accent Colors.


This next step involves a little more movement. If you’re planning on having interior house painting done, take some time to scan for accent colors. Grab a notepad and pen and start walking through the rooms of your house. What colors stand out to you? Jot down some of the most prominent accent colors, or a few that really seem to catch your eye.


Do you love that embroidered pillow with red accents? From furniture to rugs to small trinkets, don’t ignore the clues that exist in your own home. These clues will not only help you narrow down your paint colors, but also help you determine which options will highlight your home – without overwhelming it.


#3: Explore Your Home’s Key Elements.


What do homeowners forget most when it comes to color selection? Whether it’s a San Diego interior paint job or general house painting in cities across the country, most people tend to overlook permanent fixtures like wood and brick when deciding on paint colors. Don’t make the same mistake!


Investigate key elements like flooring and antique furniture in rooms you plan to paint and take note of their colors and unique styles. Let these more permanent fixtures be your guide to choosing complementary colors for that next interior house painting job!


An Interior Painter’s Case for Color


Have you finished building your color case? Check out that new list of notes and you’ll soon be able to pinpoint the exact colors that’ll work best for your paint job San Diego.


If you’re still searching for your dominant paint color's perfect companion, try asking local paint experts or checking out color samples. Most paint stores will offer a few color recommendations and you’ll be able to easily pick out a few pairs that match with your interior space. Once you’ve narrowed down the options, it’s time to connect with a residential painter in your area. Brad Stoner Painting serves all of San Diego County and offers free estimates on both residential and commercial properties. Call us today at 858-586-7751!


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