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Step-By-Step Projects: Exterior Painting

Rachel Williams

Even the easiest projects benefit from tackling a list one step at a time. When it comes to exterior house painting, this rings all the more true. If you plan to tackle and exterior house painting project this season, read our list below for suggested "steps to success".


Steps to Painting Success

 1. Clear away or trim any bushes and trees that may be touching the exterior of your home.

2. Park any cars across the street (or in the driveway) and remove any valued furniture that sits in close proximity to the sides of your home. 

3. Wash the surface of your home. 

Professional painting contractors will come out and powerwash the sides of your home to clear away layers of dirt, dust and grime. If you don't want to hire a pro for this job, while more time-consuming, you can also apply a cleaning solution and scrub away any dirt and grime yourself. 

While it can be tempting to skip this step... don't! Paint won't adhere well to a surface that hasn't been cleaned of potential mold and other grime. 

4. Scrape and sand. 

After you've cleaned the surface of your home's exterior, look for any loose and flaking paint. Scrape away the paint from these areas and sand them before continuing. 

Note: Beware of asbestos - a mineral found in the paint of many homes and surfaces before 1978. Have your home lead-tested if you're uncertain and plan to disturb any painted areas. 

5. Fill minor holes and cracks with caulking. 

6. Prime your surface.

Primer helps your paint adhere to the exterior surface of your home better. It also provides and even base for that coat of paint. Be certain you're using the right type of primer before you begin - whether latex or oil-based. 

7. Select your paint and begin! 

Paint selection may seem as simple as picking out your favorite color from the fan deck at Home Depot. 

  • Will you use a water-based acrylic latex paint or an oil-based paint? 
  • How quickly will your paint dry? 
  • Will you need one coat or two (this depends highly on the color you use and what you're painting over)? 
  • What type of finish will your paint have?

8. Maintain what you have.  

Once you've finished painting your home, the job doesn't end. Removing mold and mildew, inspecting for cracks or peeling paint, and cutting back overgrown trees is all a part of the maintenance process. Doing this along with the steps above will help extend the life of your paint job. 

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