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Taking Sheen Into Consideration

Brad Stoner

No not Charlie Sheen, but interior paint sheen.  You are about to learn in this blog post that there's more to think about than just quality and color. Most paints come in several sheen levels - possibly six, depending upon the brand - and some are better fitted to certain rooms compared to others.

Paints with flat sheen are most popular. They offer several advantages: being non-reflective, they generally tend to conceal imperfections in walls and also other surfaces they help to make uneven surfaces like poorly taped drywall look smoother plus more uniform and lots of hide the under-color well, simply because they typically contain a lot of pigment.

Flat paints are a good choice for any ceiling, and for rooms and spaces that are not subjected to water, mugginess, or heavy soiling... like bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms.

At the other end from the sheen spectrum are paints with gloss or high gloss sheen. Being very reflective, gloss paints usually highlight imperfections in walls and woodwork. However they are especially tough, durable, and stain-resistant and, they are better to clean than paints with less gloss.

High Gloss finishes are best for windows and trim, children's rooms, and playrooms. And since they have better potential to deal with mildew, they also are a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Paints with semi-gloss sheen really are a smart compromise between your two sheen extremes, providing some of the great things about each. Since they will be less highly reflective as gloss paints, they won't show surface imperfections quite as much yet they still offer good stain resistance and are easy to clean.

Semi-gloss paints can be extremely versatile, working well on windows and doors, trim, even cabinets. They can even be used on the walls of kitchens and baths, and various surfaces in children's rooms and playrooms.

Most lines of paint have at the very least a few more sheen levels to select from. The descriptions vary, with eggshell, satin, and low luster sheen being the commonest. Again, the best way to think of these sheen levels is in terms of their performance: Being less "shiny" than either gloss or semi-gloss paints, they won't highlight nicks and surface imperfections quite as much, but since they have at the very least a little gloss, they'll be simpler to clean than flat paints.

Where you can use eggshell, satin and low luster paints? Paints with these sheen levels just about have the run of the home, working well almost anyplace you will need the mix of performance attributes they offer.

At first, it may look confusing having to pick from so many sheen levels. But once you discover what each provides, you'll appreciate the possibilities of being able to "calibrate" the exact mix of paint attributes you need in every part in your home.  Of course, if you would like to hire a house painter then Brad Stoner Painting would be the likely choice.  Call for a free estimate today!

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