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Take your Interior Painting to the Third Dimension with These 4 Techniques

Brad Stoner

Summer is filled with vibrant hues and sizzling attitudes. Don’t get stuck in the one dimensional snooze while interior painting. Set your inner kid free and let your walls reflect the bold and layered tapestry buried within. Dare to stand out with palpable designs and a counterintuitive kaleidoscope of colors. Here are four techniques to make your walls stand out in three dazzling dimensions.

Rag Rolling

This fairly simple technique can create a number of effects depending on what material you use. Bunch up a rag and dip it into your paint color. Wring out any extra, ball it up, and then roll it along the wall changing directions. Make sure you do several coats to make sure that the coverage is even. 
Experiment with lace, linen, burlap, and cheesecloth to find a look that works best for you.

For an extra pop of color and depth, paint the base shades darker, and then kick it up a few notches for the rag rolling.


This technique allows you greater control over the finished look and can turn into textured patterns such as zigzags, wavy lines, and checkerboards. Apply the paint and run over it with a comb creating the pattern as you go. Make sure that you hit all of the square footage of the walls for a consistent and professional finish. 

For a fascinating and feng shui look, comb overlapping circles into the paint. 


Sponging results in a look that is very popular. Use a sea sponge for a pattern that is naturally irregular and a synthetic sponge if you want it to look uniform. Make sure that you cut a small piece of sponge to get into those corners and make sure that the entire wall is covered. 

Sponging can result in a completely new look if you are daring with your color choices. Instead of sticking with earth tones, try a bright yellow base with baby blue sponged on top. Or choose two contrasting hues to play with your senses. 


A marble pattern is a great way to make the walls pop. After painting your base color, add a glaze to the wall and stick a piece of plastic on it. Make sure to crumple and bunch the plastic, then leave it to dry. Pull the plastic off and voila! You have a perfectly random texture on your walls.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, especially when it comes to the “makeup” of your house. If your interior painting vision needs a professional touch, contact today.

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