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The Good, the Bad and the Glossy: Why Invest in Quality Paint?

Rachel Williams

Not all paints are created equal. From satin to matte, there’s a lot to think about when considering a new paint job in San Diego.


If you’re like most businesses, sticking to a budget is one of the most important considerations of any project. As a result, it can be tempting to skimp out on choosing a better quality paint or hiring a professional San Diego painting contractor when there’s money on the line. In the long-term though, quality is always the better choice (and might actually save you a buck or two). With unlicensed contractors, you face potential insurance issues and risk being left with a half-painted office complex and no time or money to finish the project.


The same principle applies to quality of paint.


While you might save money in the short term with a more affordable paint option, you’ll likely have to repaint sooner when that low-quality paint starts fading and deteriorating. There are more than a few reasons to choose premium paint. As professional San Diego area commercial painters, here are a few of our favorites:


Reason #1: You’ll ultimately save money.


It might seem unnecessary to spend that extra $10 a gallon when repainting your home, but you’ll spend a lot more when your “fresh” coat of paint goes bad fast. Truth be told, there’s a reason premium paint costs more: It lasts longer! Not only will it better withstand wear and tear, but it will hold its brightness and sheen longer than other paints on the market.


When it comes to residential and commercial house painting jobs, most of the cost lies in professional labor. Percentage-wise, spending a little more on quality paint that will last years longer makes sense.


Reason #2: Quality paint protects.


While you might spend a little extra upfront, your quality paint will do a much better job at protecting your commercial property than a cheaper alternative. With low quality ingredients, paints tend to crack, blister and flake off easier. Especially when painting the exterior of a building, high quality paint is essential to protect against heavy rain and frequent temperature changes.

Reason #3: You eliminate complications.

When you choose paint that isn’t known for its quality, you run the risk of added job complications. 

 - Will that oil-based paint mesh well with your current coat?
 - How does the paint you chose hold up against daily smudging and grime?
 - What will weather do to your new coat of paint?
 - Will the pigments fade fast?

If you don’t know what quality paint you’re choosing, ask! A reliable house painting contractor like Brad Stoner Painting will work with you to choose the best paint for your project and back their recommendations with solid reasoning and experience.


Reason #4: Quality paint provides more even, durable coverage.

Even coverage? That’s right. Paint is composed of pigments, binders, solvents and other additives. Together, these materials work to bring your walls to life. When you use higher quality paint, the pigment particles that add color to your paint will be finer, adding more coverage to your walls. Combine that with better binders to enhance the life of your paint and you’ll usually end up using fewer cans of paint to get the job done right.


Get the job done right the first time by hiring a San Diego painting company that knows quality paint. House painters like Brad Stoner Painting offer professional interior and exterior commercial painting services, working hard to ensure your paint job lasts for years to come. Contact us for your free estimate today!

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