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A Few Things to Know About Drywall Repair

Brad Stoner

"It wasn't my fault!"

That's how most drywall damage begins: with a teenage door slam, a kindergarten sumo wrestling match, or a rogue dresser cartwheeling down the stairs. Here at Brad Stoner Painting, we trust in the words of Bob the Builder: "Can we fix it?"  Yes, we can.


Repairing Drywall Dings and Dents

A dent can be repaired almost as quickly as it was made. Using a 3- or 4-inch putty knife, fill the dent with drywall joint compound. If the dent is deep, either apply the compound in 3-4 separate layers, or cover the dent with self-adhesive mesh tape, and then spread compound over the tape patch. Once the compound has cured white, sand, prime and paint it.

Speaking of sanding: Never, ever – and we're probably understating the case – sand drywall using a high-powered sander. Drywall dust is a known respiratory irritant and damages hardwood finishes and sensitive electronics. Instead, you can sand drywall using one of these three methods:

1. Wet-sand the compound using a damp sponge or cloth. Since this method rarely produces a piano-smooth finish, it works best for small repairs.
2. Hand-sand the patch using a hand sander or pole sander with 150-grit sandpaper.
3. Power-sand the drywall using a dust collection system, like a drywall sander vacuum attachment or a dust collection bag.

Indulge your inner Lone Ranger; always wear a mask. Turn off the air conditioning system and close vents to prevent drywall dust from infiltrating the rest of your home.

Restoring Beaten and Battered Corners

Fixing corner damage is easy. Cut away the damaged metal corner bead section using a hacksaw, and then install a new one. Use joint compound and mesh tape to finish the job.

Fixing Sheetrock Holes and Craters

This is where we start to discuss keyhole saws and furring strips and countersunk screws and California patches. If you know what those are – well, you probably don't even need this tutorial! We would only add the following advice:

• Don't use waterproof drywall on bathroom ceilings. It sags.
• Use C-clamps to temporarily fasten the necessary backing board or furring strips.
• Always check the hole for electrical wires!
• Overlap the mesh tape at corners for maximum strength.

But if you aren't familiar with the nuances of the California patch, then let us, Brad Stoner Painting do the job. We've been working in the San Diego area for longer than we care to admit. We can fix it. Yes, we can.


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