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Top 10 Pumpkin Designs

Rachel Williams

We've all seen it. That perfect pumpkin carving or design we only wish we could duplicate. Below are ten of our favorites to inspire you this season... a season that's sure to be your most creative yet!

Pumpkin #1: Spelling with Pumpkins

It's tough to beat pumpkins that can spell. Bonus: This carving style is easy to duplicate and requires little detail work.

Pumpkin #2: Braces Pumpkin

Pumpkin #3: Cartoon Pumpkin

Now really, who isn't impressed by a Despicable Me pumpkin?

Pumpkin #4: Face in the Pumpkin

Pumpkin #5: Animal Pumpkin

Cat got your heart? If you're a big animal lover, try incorporating your furry friends into your next pumpkin carving design.

Pumpkin #6: Indian Chief Pumpkin

Pumpkin #7: Pumpkin-in-a-Pumpkin Inception

It's a pumpkin... on a pumpkin... made of other pumpkins (but you get the idea). We loved this creative way of incorporating color into a pumpkin display!

Pumpkin #8: Nature Pumpkins

Pumpkin #9: Painted Polka Dot Pumpkin

Here at Brad Stoner Painting, we're all about the painted pumpkins. What better way for a painting company to ring in the fall season?

Pumpkin #10: Fairy Pumpkin

We've all heard of fairy godmothers from Cinderella, but fairy pumpkins? This Tinkerbell pumpkin is a sure-fire way to draw some attention!

And if you're really ambitious... 

Yes, this is one of those "but wait, there's more!" blog posts. For all of you ambitious carvers this season, the two individuals below just rose the bar. 

A Reputation &Quality of Work TO BE PROUD OF

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