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Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Painting Commercial Buildings

Rachel Williams

Everyone loves a new paint job. Still, while the results are worthwhile, the preparation process often deters us. What if I choose an unresponsive painting contractor? How do I go about choosing HOA-approved paint colors?


“Daunting” doesn’t even begin to describe how many people feel about interior and exterior painting. How can you make your next big paint project headache-free while staying within a budget? These ten tips (straight from your local San Diego painting professional) are designed to address some of the most common concerns and dilemmas we face on a daily basis.


1)     Make sure your contractor knows and understands your expectations.

2)     Quality counts. If you want your paint job to last for more than a few years, spending a small percentage more now will likely save you money in the long-run. 

3)     Prep matters. If you aren't sure how your painting contractor plans to prep the walls of your office, HOA community or other commercial property - ask. It's better to find out ahead of time, rather than assume things will go a certain way.

4)     Choose a contractor that cares about safety. You have probably checked out your San Diego painting contractor's insurance and worker’s compensation, but does your future contractor really care about safety? If you aren't sure, ask about regular safety meetings and any rules set in place.

5)     Only hire someone willing to work with your unique specifications. If the San Diego painting company you've hired is not willing to let you in on the little details of a job or tell you when a change is made, you might be better off going with another contractor.

6)     Set a deadline. If you need the work done by a certain time, let your contractor know BEFORE you agree to the work. Summer is usually the busiest time of year for many San Diego painting contractors. Call ahead to schedule an estimate in order to leave yourself enough leeway to get the work done on time.

7)     Choose a contractor who values your time as much as you do. Hiring an outside contractor shouldn't leave you with more work and less time on your hands. Working with someone who understands this and takes note of the little details goes a long way in the commercial painting industry.

8)     Know what happens next. One essential question that many people forget to ask about before starting a new commercial painting job is, "What happens when the job is done?" What if something goes wrong? What if the paint fades or bubbles just a year later? Many San Diego contractors offer warranties on their work – but you never know unless you ask.

9)     Review the contract again before getting started. What exactly will be painted? How will it be prepped? If you aren't sure about something - ask.

10) What happens to plants, furniture and other items on a job site when painting takes place? Will your painting contractor be responsible for moving furniture or will you? How will plants and other landscaping be taken care of during the job? The last thing building owners, managers and facilities professionals need is ruined décor or expensive landscaping repair fees!


Whatever your job size, it’s important to choose the right contractor for the job.  Asking questions, reading testimonials and valuing communication over cash will save you time and hassle in the long run.  



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