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Wall Colors Help With New Year's Resolutions

Brad Stoner

It's almost January. Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions?  Did you know that the color of your walls can impact the odds for your success especially with regard to sticking with that weight-loss plan, new fitness routine, or stress reduction process?


Psychologists, healers and color experts all reference the effects of color on people. And studies show, for example, that predominant reds and oranges stimulate appetite. You'll notice that many restaurants start using these colors for his or her signage to draw in customers.


If your goal is to shed pounds, it would behoove you to get your kitchen and dining areas painted in calmer tones of sunshine blues or pale greens to battle a sense freshness and lightness. On the flipside If you happen to have finicky eaters, you may want to set their plates on red, oranges or magenta place mats or chargers.


For anyone wanting to increase their fitness routine, a bold-colored wall offers a good start of energy. While four walls of red could be overwhelming, having one wall of red, sunny yellow or vivid purple could generate feeling of power, strength and vitality.


Those wanting stress reduction also can benefit from a change in space. Stark white walls is probably not essentially the most calming. Indeed research has shown how the colors of nature actually end up being beneficial to people that must steady their nerves in order to find an inner peace. Blues, greens, beiges and browns the colors of sand and sea or hills and trees could be the best options.


While research has shown certain colors affect people in certain ways, everyone isn't the same. What most people find to get calming actually may be stimulating to another, therefore it's always wise to do your personal individual research. Here are some general observations.

  • Red – power, excitement, stimulation
    Blue – calmness, professionalism, focus
    Orange – warmth, harmony, engagement
    Green – nature, health, fertility
    Yellow – happiness, openness, clarity
    Purple – wealth, spirituality, individuality

Whatever colors you ultimately choose, understand that shades, textures and tones may also impact other people that live and work in the space.
Whatever your New Year's resolutions are Brad Stoner Painting would like to help by offering color assistance.  
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