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Why House Painting Doesn't Have to Break the Budget

Rachel Williams

Contrary to what most San Diego painting contractors will tell you, residential house painting doesn’t have to leave you eating ramen noodles for the next six months. We’re not suggesting you hire the next guy that shows up on your doorstep with a paintbrush, but we do have a few recommendations for homeowners on a budget.

Stick to neutral colors.


When it comes to house painting, one easy way to save your budget is by sticking to neutral painting colors that won’t fade fast or easily go out of style.


Darker painting colors tend to fade with the sun and won’t last as long. Lighter, more neutral shades tend to fade less while simultaneously making homes appear larger.


Not all popular painting colors of the season fade fast, but you might start wishing for a reason to repaint when the latest design trends change and your house starts to stick out like a sore thumb. Compromise by using brightly colored accent pillows, lampshades or even interior accent walls, and stick to neutral colors in larger areas. 


Sticking to what you like or using time-tested paint color options that complement your home’s architectural style is an easy way to save yourself some money in the long run.


Don’t skimp on quality paint.


If you want your new San Diego exterior paint job to last, don’t skimp on the upfront cost of quality paint. In the long run you’ll save money when your paint looks better, longer (and you can wait a few extra years before you need to hire another residential painter).



Stick to a schedule.


If need be, space out your house painting projects. Not all budgets allow for a full interior and exterior paint job in San Diego. Start with a few rooms here and there, and work out a residential house painting schedule over the next couple of years.


Consider your reasons for house painting.


If you plan on repainting in the next 2-3 years, don’t spend all your money on quality paint that’ll last you 5-7 years. (Does your ten-year-old daughter have her heart set on fuchsia walls? She might not have the same sentiments at 13.)


The same rule applies if you’re the type of homeowner who is more focused on the latest design trends than time-tested paint colors. If you tend to redecorate every few years, then save a little room in your budget for hiring a San Diego painting contractor sooner.


If you’re craving a change, start small.


Rather than repainting your entire home the moment you need a change, start small if you’re on a budget.


If you plan to start with San Diego exterior painting, try repainting the trim first. If hiring an interior painter is first on your list, begin with a few accent walls or the walls in your home facing the greatest wear and tear (like hallways).


Repainting doesn’t have to break your budget - leaving you stressed for the rest of the year. Stick to the rules above (or improvise with a few of your own) and let Brad Stoner Painting do the rest! 


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