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Winter Ready: 6 Ways to Prepare Your Property

Rachel Williams

Be careful. Be alert. Life is filled with warnings! But as property managers and homeowners looking toward the winter season, it is more important than ever to be winter ready.

Quick tip: Spending money on maintenance now, can save on more expensive repairs down the road.

Below are six small steps that are a big help when it comes to preparing for rainy, windy and yes, “El Niño weather”.

1. Caulk any cracks & weather-strip doors and windows.

Any openings in your home or building create potential energy losses. Air from an air conditioning or heating unit can seep out, and outside air can create a draft. (Not to mention the tiny critters you might now be welcoming into your home!) Seal off these cracks with weather resistant caulking.

Weather-stripping, while more essential in cold climates, is another important step toward energy-savings.

2.  Repair exposed wood and touch up exterior paint.

Exposed wood is subject to moisture and rotting, especially in the winter months. Repairing and painting areas where bubbling or peeling paint exists is an important step toward being “winter ready”. Start by pinpointing these specific areas. Next, sand off any loose paint, apply a coat of primer and then paint!

3.  Patch any roof leaks.

If you’ve ever had a roof leak, you know the interior damage that can be caused by moisture and other weather elements. Save yourself the hassle (and the money) by keeping up on regular roof maintenance and repairing leaks as soon as they appear.

4.  Cut away any tree branches that could fall.

Weaker tree branches can fall and damage homes, cars and other structures during a storm. Dead or diseased limbs should be removed before serious damage occurs.

Quick tip: For many trees, pruning should be done in the colder months as this prepares the trees for spring growth!

5.  Clear out rain gutters. 

Falling leaves and other debris get stuck in rain gutters throughout the year and should be cleaned out on a regular basis. This process is especially important during the rainy season, when gutters can become clogged and prevent proper drainage. These debris-filled gutters are also a weight problem! If gutters become too heavy and unnecessary stress is put on their brackets, they may eventually break and fall off of a structure.

6.  Keep surfaces rust free.

Handrails, doors, fencing and other structures on a property can develop rust – a problem that eventually corrodes and eats away at a surface until nothing is left! Don’t ignore rust. Rather, scrape, rinse and paint a protective coating over surfaces when early signs of rust appear. It is especially important to follow these steps before rain and moisture speed up the corrosive process.


A few of these tasks can be accomplish on your own or with an on-site maintenance team, but for the bigger tasks… reach out to an expert. If you need painting, caulking, or minor stucco and wood repairs done, call Brad Stoner Painting at 858-586-7751!


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