Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in most cases we will be able to match the existing color of your home.

No, it is already in the paint.

In order to give the most accurate proposals we always prefer to walk an area with the home/business owner. However, we understand that many individuals face circumstances that do not allow them to be present during our appointment hours, and in most cases we do not require that you meet us for an exterior estimate. Instead, one of our trained team members will call you or ask questions beforehand.

No, in fact most people are not home during the day and arrangements can be made in advance to accommodate your schedule. Our employees are insured so you can feel confident.

Yes. We will properly prepare the wood by sanding, then we will apply the appropriate stain and follow that with an application of waterproof sealer.

Yes, we provide complete general liability and workers compensation insurance at all times. 

We strive to schedule work in a way that both meets your needs and sets you at ease, especially during these uncertain times. Health and safety are top priorities for Brad Stoner Painting. As such, we’re willing to push back scheduling to a date you feel most comfortable, work during hours when you’ll be away from home, or limit contact to phone calls.

By using top quality 100% acrylic paint — buying the best will help the most.

You may either contact us by phone or use our “request an estimate” link, found on each page of this website.

After moving the furniture into the middle of the room it will be covered in plastic. All floors will be protected by canvas drop cloths.

The paint on stucco should last anywhere from 8 – 12 years.  Paint on wood exposed to direct sun will last approximately 5 years.