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The Language of Color

August 1, 2022

There is a lot of beauty around us every day, isn’t there? 

Many things contribute to what we consider beautiful. Shapes. Sizes. Dimension. Perspective. And of course, color. Black and white holds its own in the realm of beautiful things, but there is nothing like experiencing the sensation of a thousand different colors captured in a photo, or the depth of orange in a coastal sunset sky, or the flash of fireworks to celebrate a new year. 

We become used to color all around us – until the color begins to fade or peel and become an unsightly aesthetic!  When this happens to the paint inside and outside of our home, it isn’t just a sore sight for the eyes but it can contribute to quality of the environment in which we live every day. The longer our surroundings make us uncomfortable the more prone we become to feeling unsettled and experiencing poor quality of life. Thankfully this particular issue is easy to correct!

It has been said that color possesses a language without words. And the choices for fresh, new, vibrant shades are endless. Our team, in conjunction with paint reps from each quality brand that we use, is skilled in guiding you in the search for the ideal color scheme to lift your spirits. We are just a phone call away to get you started on your journey.




May 10, 2022

Finding that motivation can be a STRUGGLE. Short weekends, shuffling kids to events in every corner of the city, early morning in-person meetings (do we miss Zoom yet??), that weekly trip to the chiropractor…it can all add up to a real beatdown sometimes. But when it comes to taking care of your home, know this — we at Brad Stoner Painting find our motivation in every homeowner’s vision, and we cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’ in order to bring it to life. It might feel like just another item on your honey-do list, but checking off that task means you made a longterm investment into your home that will provide a major payoff for many, many years to come.

Sometimes the choice can come down to a simple “I can’t stand looking at this color anymore!” But sometimes, the weather can make the choice for us! SoCal sun, humidity from the coastline, and those heavy rainy spells can all contribute to problems like cracked or peeling paint. These problems can seem a little overwhelming but in all reality they don’t take that long to correct. Our San Diego-based team is skilled at approaching these issues with proper prep and a relatively short timeline for completion (most of our residential projects are wrapped up within a week, beginning at prep all the way through dry time). 

And speaking of prep, you may not realize that this is the most important part of the entire project! Below is an idea of what a standard prep schedule looks like. 


MASKING & PROTECTING OF SURFACES: We will protect all floors and hardware from paint spills.
SANDING: We will lightly sand surfaces as needed.

FILL: We will fill all minor cracks and nail holes in surfaces to be painted.
PRIMING: We will spot prime all patches and stains with primer/sealer.


PRESSURE WASH: Low-pressure power washing will remove dirt, chalky paint, and promote adhesion.
SCRAPE & SAND: Areas of loose paint will be scraped and sanded to create a tight bond. Glossy areas will be scuffed to ensure adhesion. 
CAULK: Caulk open wood-to-wood joints including wood siding cracks, & door casings using quality exterior painters caulk with silicone.
PRIME: Apply top quality exterior wood primer to all bare wood.
MASKING: All areas not to be painted will be protected from overspray and splatters.

So, if you are ready to get your home into a brand spankin’ new, bright, fresh outfit, hit us up! You won’t regret it for a minute!

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